Diablo expert reveals what not to miss in the Diablo 4 beta

Diablo expert reveals what not to miss in the Diablo 4 beta

The Diablo 4 pre-order beta starts on March 17th. We asked a Diablo expert how he’s preparing for it and what he thinks fans should check out during beta weekends.

Who is Wudijo? The streamer Wudijo is on Twitter and YouTube best known for its deep and diverse Diablo content. He has been involved in theorycrafting for years and is part of the team at the well-known build site Maxroll.gg. Publishes guides and tips on his channel and is generally interested in everything Diablo-related.

Wudijo has participated in previous Diablo 4 closed beta tests. So we asked him what his plans and expectations are for the beta weekends and what tips he would give fans.

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MyMMO: As a long-time Diablo fan, what are your expectations going into the beta?

Wudijo: Since I saw the current beta almost 1:1 in December, I probably have a sharper eye for detail. I’ll be paying attention to how the balance, systems, skills, etc. have changed since last time and what that means for the release and the game itself in order to create timely accurate guides for the community.

That being said, I’m obviously extremely excited that it’s finally here and that everyone has the opportunity to try out the game for themselves. I started with D2 and played D3 more than any other game. We are now on the cusp of a new era in the ARPG genre and I am extremely excited to see where the journey is going. We won’t have an experience like this for a long time.

MeinMMO: The betas are limited in time: What are the most important features that you should try out in the short time?

Wudijo: In any case, you should play all 5 classes a little and look at the skill trees to get an overview.

To do this, I’d recommend playing through Act 1 once and collecting all the rewards from the Renown system, which will automatically lead you into exposure to most of the features. In addition, Blizzard has planned a World Boss Event on the two Saturdays. They are super cool and you shouldn’t miss them.

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Rogue is my main and by far the most interesting class for me

MeinMMO: How are you preparing to get the most out of the beta?

Wudijo: I’ve been digging deep into D4 for months now, reading about mechanics, looking at feedback and testimonials, and theorycrafting my builds for release. Of course, this allows me to take a few shortcuts when testing and familiarize myself directly with the subject matter, learn mechanics, check bugs from back then, dig up exploits, etc.

I have a long list of things I want to do in the beta. In addition, of course, enough sleep and snacks for the weekend, because I want to start with a 30h+ stream.

MeinMMO: Which class will you play first in the beta?

Wudijo: Rogue is my main and by far the most interesting class for me, so I’ll start with that. Overall, I plan to level up all 5 classes at least 3-5x to 25 over the two weekends to get a good overview of all possible builds.

We thank Wudijo for his tips and assessments and wish him lots of fun during his beta streams.

How are you preparing for the beta? Are you going to start this weekend or only with the open beta? What are your expectations? Tell us in the comments.

By the way, you can already download the beta here:

Diablo 4 Beta Download is now active and huge – Internet slow players need to hurry


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