Director of the film Ghost of Tsushima is inspired by the success The Last of Us

Director of the film Ghost of Tsushima is inspired by the success The Last of Us

Ghost of Tsushima film director Chad Stahelski draws inspiration from The Last of Us’ commitment to keeping the source material.

The prospect of the Ghost of Tsushima movie being a quality action-oriented movie trip is furthered by the fact that it’s helmed by franchise director John Wick. However, as with any video game adaptation, there’s always the chance that it might not deliver or be unrecognizable from its source material.

That being said, HBO’s The Last of Us TV series proved that quality video game adaptations can be a thing, and can, in fact, thrive. According to reported by ComicbookStahelski spoke the words that Ghost of Tsushima fans wanted to hear.

When speaking with Eric Italiano about Post Credit PodcastChad Stahelski, who is also directing a Rainbow Six movie, revealed that the adaptation of The Last of Us is inspiring him to respect the source material.

“I hope The Last of Us sheds more light on upcoming video game adaptations,” Stahelski said. “Rainbow Six, Ghost of Tsushima that I’m working on. Both are fantastic projects that I really hope will come to fruition. But Ghost…has an incredible story. It’s a samurai anti-samurai movie. It has a great theme.

“We have a lot of push on that and a lot of interest because The Last of Us pushes that, yes, the video game to movie curse has been lifted. Can be done. You just have to give him love and attention. And Ghost, from probably every other video game [películas] in development, I think that’s the one that’s going to land.”.

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