Disco Elysium: New mode unleashes harsh criticism from fans

Disco Elysium (Rollenspiel) von Humble Bundle / iam8bit

Although the critically acclaimed indie RPG Disco Elysium While the release inspired critics and players alike, it was in the headlines recently because of unfortunate circumstances.

In October we reported, among other things, on the departure of senior developersthe the studio however, according to former editor Martin Luiga not leave voluntarily had. It followed a lawsuit filed by lead game designer Robert Kurvitz against Studio ZA/UM. Now the remaining owners are once again in the crossfire of criticism.

Disco Elysium: Fans accuse Studio ZA/UM of destroying the soul of the game

One was announced on Twitter yesterday brand new collage mode for Disco Elysium, with which you can place the characters and objects of the game as you like and add icons, stickers and speech bubbles. The update is already available for PC players, and the console versions will also be populated shortly.

Whoever came up with the idea for the feature at ZA/UM is unlikely to have anticipated the reaction of many fans. Instead of praise and tears of joy, the Twitter post reaps one thing above all: Harsh criticism. That’s what one says User PRabbitholes among other things, the course is currently completing a speed run in ruining the “artistic integrity of one of the best stories in the medium”.

User Sam_7_51 however, asks cynically whether you can use the new mode Kurvitz, Rostov and Hinpere, the three fired developers mentioned above, could bring back into the company. A saying from Disco Elysium itself is often quoted: “Capital has the ability to encapsulate all critics. Even those who criticize Capital end up supporting it.”

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That of all things capitalism-critical Disco Elysium become part of the system he criticizes by exploiting the success of the game. Many are therefore quite angry that the current leaders of ZA/UM not only destroyed the spirit of the game by kicking out the lead developers, but are now retrospectively desecrating Disco Elysium itself and undermining the game’s messages with soulless features.

The bleak future of ZA/UM

Fans have hope for one Sequel to Disco Elysium in the spirit of the role-playing game long since given up, because the property rights are still with Studio ZA/UM and not with the “involuntarily” gone developers. Meanwhile, said studio was looking for one last October Experts in monetization strategies.

So the future of the Disco Elysium brand is uncertain, but you can still enjoy the original game, which received not only more full voice acting with the Final Cut patch nearly two years ago, but also German texts received. Tell yourself whether the narrative-intensive role-playing game meets your taste at all our detailed review of Disco Elysium.