Disco Elysium releases a free Collagen mode

Disco Elysium releases a free Collagen mode

A new, free “Collage Mode” is now available for Disco Elysium. The update for consoles should follow in the coming days. ZA/UM Studio promises to have access to characters, locations, effects and dialogue options in this expanded photo mode to create your own little Martinaise story.

Lead for this update is Chris Priestman. Speaking of the new feature, he said: “This mode is for the talented fans we’ve admired at their creative work for years. From gorgeous visuals, to memorable short stories, to great cosplay — we hope there’s more to come! We would ask that you treat Kim Kitsuragi with leniency, he has a limited capacity for love.”

For example, you can place, rotate or size characters as you like or change their poses. With the dialog option, you also have the option of freely designing texts. The time of day can also be adjusted. Art Cop offers you filters such as rain, fog or snow.


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