Disney Plus is canceling Willow after just one season

Season 3 of the sci-fi cult series Orville finally airs on Disney Plus!  (1)

from Karsten Scholz
Disney and Lucasfilm executives have decided to cancel the fantasy series Willow after just one season. The eight-episode live-action adventure is based on Ron Howard’s 1988 classic of the same name.

In the buffed ranking of the best fantasy movies of all time Willow (from 1988) still made it to number 15. We were therefore delighted when those responsible at Disney and Lucasfilm announced that they wanted to produce a series adaptation of the same name for the Disney Plus streaming platform, in which the likeable Warwick Davis will slip into the role of the eponymous hero. Willow is more than just an 80s cult.

Willow: New trailer sets the mood for the series on Disney Plus

After just one season, Willow is gone

When the first season of Willow started with its eight episodes on Disney Plus, however, disillusionment spread. This was no longer a fairytale fantasy adventure for children and their parents, but an often annoying teenage drama, with shallow characters, pseudo-cool dialogues and a sometimes really boring plot. What’s more, even the original’s great soundtrack has been replaced with modern pieces of music that don’t quite fit.


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