Disney Speedstorm: Mario Kart Competitor Coming Soon to Early Access

Disney Speedstorm starts the engines from April 18th.

Disney Speedstorm starts the engines from April 18th.

Developer Gameloft has announced the date when the fun racer Disney Speedstorm will be launched. At the April 18th the time has come and you can get started on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

However, first of all “only” in Early Access, the date for the full release is not yet known. And although the finished game will eventually become Free2Play, anyone wishing to participate in Early Access will need to purchase one of the paid Founder Packs.

3 paid Founder Packs available

These differ, among other things, in the unlocked drivers, the in-game tokens or the costumes:

  • Standard pack (approx. 30 euros): including 3 drivers, 4000 in-game tokens, 6 exclusive costumes and kart customization
  • Deluxe Pack (approx. 50 euros): including 4 drivers, 7000 in-game tokens, 8 exclusive costumes and kart customizations
  • Ultimate Pack (about 70 euros): including 6 drivers, 12000 in-game tokens, 12 exclusive costumes and kart customizations


All packages also include credits for the so-called “Golden Pass”. Disney Speedstorm relies on a kind of Battle Pass that gives you specific missions in the races, which you can then complete to collect rewards. Also on board right from the start: the crew system.

It is not yet known which routes will be included in Early Access, but Gameloft is teasing courses in the Pirates of the Caribbean and Hercules settings on the site, among other things.

Aside from the special features and its characters, Disney Speedstorm should probably feel pretty familiar, especially for fun racer veterans. With characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Mulan, you rush across various courses, try to find the best possible place and spit your opponents in the soup with various extra weapons. Each character has a specific attack, for example Jack Sparrow wields a spirit saber.

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Are you getting into Speedstorm Early Access?