Fuse Games is a new studio from former Need for Speed ​​and Burnout developers

Fuse Games

Some former core developers of need for speed and from the study criteria with the saga Burnout have left the company to found a new development studio. bears by name Fuse Games, and they are working on a new AAA game, as reported by VideoGamesChronicle.

The studio is led by Matt Webster, a former vice president at EA and general manager at Criterion. While Fuse Games hasn’t revealed details about its new project, it has described its gameplay as “merging uncompromising attention to gaming feel with blockbuster spectacle and player-centric innovations in social play, self-expression, and creativity.” creativity”.

Other personalities include executive producer Pete Lake, Alan McDairmant as head of studio development, Steve Uphill as head of content and Andrei Shires as senior technical director.

Criterion is currently working on the content of its latest version: Need for Speed ​​Unbound. The studio recently announced the VOL 2 update for Need for Speed ​​Unboundwhich is scheduled to hit the game on March 21, bringing with it new challenges and playlists.


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