Gladiator 2: One of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time is in it

There is a preview and first details of Episode 3 of The Last of Us.

23 years after legendary masterpiece Gladiator, the successor to Ridley Scott is slowly becoming a reality. The original caused a sensation at the turn of the millennium and won five Oscars (in the categories Best Film and Best Actor, among others). Gladiator single-handedly revived the genre of the ancient set monumental films again, played over worldwide $460 million and helped the New Zealander Russell Crowe to a long and successful Hollywood career.

Gladiator 2: The Sequel is finally taking shape

Film fans have had to wait for a sequel for 23 years now. The long wait is probably primarily due to the fact that the two main actors Russell Crowe as Maximus and Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus at the end of Gladiator (buy now ) bless the time and for a long time it was not clear how the story go on.