Guillermo del Torro and Netflix remake Frankenstein – These stars are there


The partnership of horror icons Guillermo del Torro and Netflix contributed with the successful series anthology Cabinet of Curiosities first fruits last year. Also received del Torro’s version of “Pinocchio” recently one Oscar for the best animated film. Reason enough for the streaming service for the cult director to fulfill a long-cherished dream.

Guillermo del Torro’s version of Frankenstein is coming to Netflix

As del Torro, who broke through with 2006’s Pan’s Labyrinth, has revealed several times in the past, he has dreamed of it since he was a childto implement their own version of Mary Shelley’s classic “Frankenstein”.

This opportunity presented itself to him more than ten years ago, but it did Project at Universal ultimately put on hold. The first film adaptation from 1931 has long been a classic in film history and is also distributed by Universal.

The 1931 film shaped the image of Frankenstein’s monster. ©Universal

Loud deadlinesaid del Torro currently on the script to work on his version of the gothic novel and also to agree with Actors in negotiation talks condition. However, since the project is still at a very early stage of development, nothing final yet.

These actors are said to be in del Torro’s Frankenstein

As the industry magazine has also revealed, the first three rolls of two Marvel stars and one current horror icon be occupied. Should have been in conversation for a long time Oscar Isac (Moon Knight, star Wars) be.

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In addition, “Spider Man” star Andrew Garfield be part of the party, as well as Mia Gothwhich thanks to films like Pearl, X and most recently Infinity Pool as an absolute Horror shooting star is applicable.

The last film adaptation of the “Frankenstein” material by 20th Century Studios was top-class staff. In Victor Frankenstein – Genius and Madness” (2015) is JAmes McAvoy (the young Professor X in “X-Men” or currently at WOW as Lord Asriel in “His Dark Materials”) as Viktor Frankenstein and Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe as Igor at DisneyPlus to see.

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It is still unclear which roles Isaac, Garfield and Goth will play in the new horror classic. However, it would be conceivable that Isaac the good doctor embodies and Garfield’s right hand man Igor (By the way, this character does not exist in the original Mary Shelley).

Goth, however, could play role by Frankenstein’s spouse Elisabeth be provided. But maybe everything will turn out very differently. What is del Torro’s approach; whether the story in front of a historical setting or in the modern age plays and when we can enjoy the new creation of the “Master of Horror”? We stay tuned!

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