Hogwarts Legacy: The best mods for your magic adventure

Hogwarts Legacy: Arachnophobia

For many likes Hogwarts legacy be a fantastic game in itself. One or the other may still be missing something or is not completely satisfied with the implementation. A variety of things can help modswhich make the gaming experience either more relaxed or at least make it more exciting.

If PC gamers have one thing ahead of those who play on consoles, it’s the fact that they can create their games with a number of modifications can customize. These serve not only that optical improvement or performance increase of a game, but sometimes simply of entertainment.

We’ve browsed through the relevant mod archives and picked out what we think are the best adjustments for “Hogwarts Legacy”.

Too many spiders in Hogwarts Legacy? Get the exterminator!

Spiders have always divided the minds of mankind. Although there should be people who deal with the eight-legged crawling creatures feel connected, at most they meet with acceptance or cause one Disgust associated chills.

But as we already from the Harry Potter-novels and -films, these animals play a not so small role in the Wizarding World, so it is hardly surprising that we also refer to them in “Hogwarts Legacy”. meet arthropods.

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A fact for Arachnophobics is truly horrific. To take away a big scare from this group of people, there is the Arachnophobia modewho is the hairy behemoth in the game turned into square boxes.

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Keep an eye out when choosing a talent

In the course of the game you have the opportunity collect talent points, with which you can eventually unlock various talents. However, the points collected are not enough to really select everything that is offered to you. And once invested, these can also be used not reset again.

That’s where the modification helps Talent reset potion. This adds a potion to the game, the recipe of which is attached J. Pippin at Hogsmeade can acquire. This is quite practical if you are undecided or it turns out that you have invested incorrectly in one place or another.

Here are some other interesting mods:

changes of a bizarre nature

And then there are mods, which are a little different. Maybe you’re in the mood for something extraordinary. Just in case you still like the Wizarding World not unique enough is.

There’s plenty for the Weasley in you too, of course weird mods, which make everyday gameplay something…well, let’s say special. You may already have a picture of one flying Shrek seen?

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However, this shre(c)kliche broomstick adaptation is just one of many interpretations, one used for flying object. So you already have vacuum cleaners or Arthur Weasley’s blue ones Ford Anglia see flying through the skies of the open world.

The wand chooses the wizard? nonsense!

Also the wands may now and then about a makeover be happy. Witches and wizards suddenly turn out to be gunslingers or even intergalactic freedom fighters who use lightsabers to clear enemies out of the way. The mods make it possible magic gun and Lightsaber Wands.

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Over Forbidden Vivarium Hagrid would be really happy. So you go under the Monster Hunter and can catch almost all existing monsters in “Hogwarts Legacy” and in yours animal enclosure in room of desires set free. However, we doubt that you will be able to tame them.