It costs more than a car – what can an SSD do that costs you up to 20,000 euros?

It costs more than a car - what can an SSD do that costs you up to 20,000 euros?

Do you always have too little memory on your gaming PC? A manufacturer has now introduced a special SSD, but it’s not exactly cheap.

Storage space is always scarce for gamers. Because games are getting bigger and bigger and you also have to save enough other things. Not surprisingly, gamers are looking for larger and larger storage media.

The manufacturer Apex Storage has presented a special solution here. A storage medium that you can expand with additional memories as you wish. However, the whole thing is not exactly cheap and is therefore aimed more at professional users.

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An adapter card that can cost up to 20,000 euros when fully equipped

What is that device exactly? The special thing about it is that it is a so-called adapter card. You install the card in your computer and you can install up to 21 SSDs with a total capacity of 168 TB on the card. With 16 TB SSDs, even 336 TB should be possible.

According to the manufacturer, their own card should be compatible with all major SSD manufacturers. It also promises a read speed of 30.5 GB/s and a write speed of up to 26.5 GB/s.

How much does an SSD cost? But all of this has its price. According to the manufacturer, you have to pay 2,800 US dollars for the adapter card. After all, you already get a powerful gaming PC for the money. On top of that you have to buy the SSDs:

  • SSDs with 8 TB of storage currently cost between 400 and 500 euros. With 21 SSDs we would already be at 10,500 euros.
  • For SSDs with 16 TB, the prices are even higher. So if you want the maximum equipment with 336 TB, you have to put more than 20,000 euros on the table.
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Who needs this? Such a model is out of the question for the average gamer. Rather, the manufacturer’s model is aimed at areas such as machine learning, where a lot of space and high speed are required.

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