LGBT-focused episodes of HBO’s The Last Of Us have the lowest rating of the series

LGBT-focused episodes of HBO's The Last Of Us have the lowest rating of the series

The LGBT-focused episodes of The Last of Us are the lowest in the series due to overall criticism.

In IMDbthe lowest rated episodes are ‘Long Long Time’ with a rating of 8 and ‘Left Behind’ with a rating of 7.4 and the same happens in Metacritic where both episodes have a rating of 5.2 these episodes feature prominent LGBT relationships. In ‘Long Long Time’, we witnessed the relationship between Bill and Frank, while in ‘Left Behind’ we got to see Ellie’s relationship with her first love, Riley.

‘Long Long Time’ it was hit by the first wave of review blitz with many saying the episode was pushing ‘political propaganda’. History then repeated itself when ‘Left Behind’ aired at the end of February and was also a disappointment to many fans of the video game.

recently episode 8 The Last of Us ‘When we are in Need’ is criticized as anti-Christian David is shown quoting the Bible, which seems to be some kind of cover for his followers that he’s really a nice guy where he really isn’t. However, HBO’s The Last of Us series has been renewed for a second season, game director and show executive producer Neil Druckmann confirmed. Leave us your comment.

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