LoL: Support champs fight for their right to still be on the team

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The distribution of roles in League of Legends is clearly clarified for all players. Except for the bot lane, each lane is played by only one player. But there are currently difficulties on this double lane in particular. The classic supporters are currently fighting for their place in the team.

What are these difficulties? Typically, the botlane in League of Legends is staffed like this:

  • An ADC makes sure to collect kills on mobs to gain experience points and gold to decide the match for their team at the end of the game
  • A supporter supports him, heals and strengthens him, but otherwise keeps a low profile

But currently the supporter role is neglected. The supporters depend on their ranged fighters and support them directly. The best example is Yuumi, which was reworked in the last patch to be more beginner-friendly: the cat is totally dependent on its botlane partner, can’t do anything on its own.

However, the Support role is currently mostly played with champions that aren’t meant for the position. Now the typical supporters have to assert themselves against strong magicians.

Milio, the protective flame – Champion theme

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Mages displace supports as the 2nd hero on the bot lane

How does the problem become clear? Champions are currently played on the role, which do not count as typical supporters, but are anchored on other roles.

The problem is that the typical support champions (via etc) for the most part do not exceed a 50% win rate.

Annie, Xerath, Schao and Brand as top supporters? Riot Games can hardly like that.

Of the 43 characters listed for the role, while 25 have win rates over 50%, they also include champions like Annie, Xerath, Shaco, and Vel’Kotz.

These champions don’t belong to the usual characters that are played as supports in the bot lane, but actually belong in the middle or in the jungle. Many common support champions fall significantly.

Riot Games want to strengthen supporters again

What is Riot Games doing about the issue? In the previous patch, Riot Games had already tried to find a solution to the problem and adjust the support items. This should make tank supporters more attractive again.

They also made changes to the jungle system to reduce the appeal of early ganks and fights. So far, however, it has been shown that the adjustments have not arrived on Summoner’s Rift.

Players hold on to the magicians and play them as strong magicians on the support role. The position is severely restricted in the selection of their champions. This can be seen in both the solo rankings and in pro play.

What is your current position on the support role? Have you always been a support and are you considering switching roles, or is this the time to prove your bot lane mage skills? Tell us in the comments.

You can find more news about the upcoming patch and the changes in League of Legends here: LoL announces nerfs and buffs with patch 13.6 – the expert immediately complains: “Far too little!”

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