Magic: The Gathering: $100,000 Bounty – Betting for the “1 of 1 Ring”

Magic: The Gathering: $100,000 - Betting on '1 of 1 Ring' (2)

Magic: The Gathering’s New Crossover Set Coming June 2023 The Lord Of The Rings – TALES OF MIDDLE EARTH. The highlight of the Lord of the Rings set are four rings. Three sun rings given to humans, dwarves and elves and one special ring that belongs to Sauron: The One Ring. The Ring of Sauron is a special card.

Because in its foil version, the “1 of 1 ring” will only be printed once in the whole set and will only be found in the English-language boosters. Accordingly, the map will be valuable for collectors. Bidding for the unique card has already begun on the Internet. A collector is now offering $100,000 to anyone who sends him the “1 of 1 ring” in foil.

MTG collector offers $100,000 bounty on 1 of 1 ring

Magic: The Gathering: $100,000 – Betting for the “1 of 1 Ring” (2)

In a Facebook group for MTG collectors, well-known collector Dan Bock announced that he will pay $100,000 for the unique card from the LOTR set. In case of doubt, he also pays more and, in the event of a competition, also wants to outperform other competitors.

The only additional condition is that the owner of the 1 of 1 ring in foil with serial number 001/001 must not tell anyone that they have received the card or write about it before selling the card. Bock wants to make sure that there is no bidding for the card and that he has to pay more than $100,000.

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Magic card will probably be worth well over $100,000

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And indeed, Dan Bock isn’t the only one who has placed some kind of bounty on the map, which will be included in a single English-language Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Collector Booster Pack starting June 23, 2023. According to, Bock already wants to know about offers from other people who want to pay with Bitcoin. Bock thought that 1 bitcoin was worth about $60,000, but did a quick research and discovered that a bitcoin is only worth about $20,000.

Other MTG collectors have already seen through Bock’s game. In the community, such as Reddit’s MTG Financeit is assumed that the unique card can be traded for at least 10x should. The happy owner should have tons of offers fluttering into their home.

How realistic is the 1 million+ price tag for a unique Magic card?

It is not unlikely that the foil 1 of 1 ring will trade for well over $1 million. On the example of Logan Paul’s Pikachu Illustrator one sees that Pokemon cards traded for up to $6 million become. 20 of this special Pokémon card were made.