Oops – WoW accidentally spoils “Emerald Dream” as a new area

WoW Emerald Dream Glaive

A small error reveals where the journey in World of Warcraft is going. The next target seems to be the Emerald Dream…

There is always hot speculation and discussion about how things will continue in World of Warcraft. Even if Blizzard always hides small clues in the story, you can rarely look directly at the cards – at least if an unintentional leak doesn’t ruin it. Now Blizzard has apparently betrayed itself. This is due to an icon that tells us where the journey is going to soon.

What was discovered? In the game files of Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion wowhead’s dataminers have discovered a suspicious name. The icon of a glaive has the name “inv_glaive_1h_emeralddreamoutdoor_d_01”. The part “emeralddreamoutdoor” is interesting here, which roughly translates to “emerald green dream outdoor area”.

Icon and name of the glaive. Image source: wowhead

For World of Warcraft, it is customary to give icons names that indicate where to find related items. Items from the Zaralek caves are called internally something like “inv_sword_2h_blackdragonoutdoor”, i.e. “black dragon outdoor area” – an apt description of the Zaralek caves, in which the laboratory of the black dragon Neltharion is located.

What does that mean? Blizzard probably accidentally leaked upcoming content. Because an “Emerald Dream” does not appear in patch 10.1 – and certainly not on a scale that makes the dream accessible as a whole area.

However, it strongly suggests that Blizzard has already brought the first content of a later content patch, i.e. about 10.2 or even later, into the game data.

How likely is that? According to current assessments, very much so. The naming of this item is already very revealing, but the current lore of Dragonflight also points in this direction. Because anyone who has achieved a high level of fame in the Valdrakken Agreement faction will experience a quest series all about the green dragon swarm, in which Ysera, Merithra, Tyrande and Malfurion also play a role. Also part of this quest series are events in the Emerald Dream and thus also the “foundation stones” that are suitable for a journey into the dream world.

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So, for the foreseeable future, it’s likely going to be part of the Emerald Dream – we’re sure to find out exactly why the storyline takes us there. But the green dragons and also the night elves will certainly get involved there.