Pokémon GO: Develop Galar Flegmon into Galar Lahmus – this is how it works on Community Day

Pokémon GO: Develop Galar Flegmon into Galar Lahmus – this is how it works on Community Day

At Community Day in March 2023, there will be a special feature in the development of Galar Flegmon into Galar Lahmus. We show you which detail you have to pay attention to in Pokémon GO.

Flegmon and Galarian Flegmon are the focus of Pokémon GO’s March 2023 Community Day. The event is accompanied by various bonuses that affect your gameplay. Including triple catch XP, the surfer attack and double candies.

As a special feature to make it easier to develop the Pokémon, Niantic has considered changing the requirements for further development for a short time window. We show you here in the overview what you have to pay attention to.

Flegmon development at C-Day with a special feature

What awaits you: During Community Day in March, Flegmon and Galarian Flegmon will spawn significantly more frequently. Evolve them during the event or up to five hours after, and Sluggish, Galar Sluggish, Lashoking, or Galarian Lashoking will learn the Charged Attack Surfer.

If you want to evolve Galarian Flegmon into Galarian Slowbro, there is a change. Normally you have to use your Galar Flegmon as a buddy for the development and then catch 30 Poison Pokémon. The change requires you to catch 30 Psychic Pokémon with Galar Flegmon as your sidekick. This is much easier to do during the event, as you can find Psychic Pokémon everywhere in the wild.

How long is the change active? The fact that you should catch psycho instead of poison Pokémon counts from the beginning of Community Day at 2:00 p.m. and is active until 10:00 p.m. After that, as usual, you have to catch Poison Pokémon for the evolutions.

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With this temporary change during the event, it should be much easier for you to carry out many developments. This way, you can casually fulfill the development requirements while simply playing the event.

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