Pokémon GO is now commenting on the double-broken raid event, wants to compensate you

Pokémon GO is now commenting on the double-broken raid event, wants to compensate you

In Pokémon GO, a top raid event took place last weekend and it went pretty bad. Now the developers themselves have spoken. We at MeinMMO show you how Niantic now wants to deal with the faulty event.

Which event is it about? On March 11, 2023, the popular top raids took place again in Pokémon GO. These are special raids that can only be played locally and are supposed to be a bit more challenging than most normal raids. The legendary dragon Pokémon Regidrago could be caught for the first time.

But instead of a cool event, the trainers were plagued by numerous bugs, especially in the first time zones. Among other things, they could not join the raids, did not receive the promised limited research or had a far too small catch circle at Regidrago.

A replacement event in New Zealand on March 12 should therefore provide compensation, but this also went badly wrong. The same errors from the previous day reappeared. Now Niantic has finally commented on the misery. We’ll show you what they say about it and what’s planned now.

Niantic plans compensation

What did Niantic say? As the developers of Pokémon GO announced on their Twitter account on the evening of March 16, 2023, they want to apologize to the trainers for the incorrect event weekend and are planning compensation.

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So they write (via twitter.com): “Trainers, we apologize for the issues with the weekend’s top raids and the impact they have had on your gaming experience. We’re planning a way to make it up to Trainers around the world, especially those in the GMT +13 time zone. Please stand by for details.”

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What compensation will there be? Niantic has not yet given an exact indication of what the planned compensation will look like and when it will come. So you have to be patient here. However, the announcement shows that compensation is planned for all coaches. Thus, players here in Germany would also benefit from it.

Trainers fear ‘a free gift of potions, berries and revives’

What are players saying? While some players like that Niantic is publicly apologizing for the mistakes, some are also disappointed that it took so long to respond. The trainers are particularly upset that a specific idea of ​​how and when a refund will be made has not yet been communicated.

Some also have concerns that compensation will only come in the form of simple items or simply by repeating the event. You can find the following comments on reddit (via reddit.com):

  • Kedem2: “How come it takes almost 4 working days to formulate this answer?”
  • AstrakanX: “And yet they cannot tell us what they will do, nor when they will do it…”
  • Qoppa_Guy: “What’s your offer? A free gift of 3 potions, 3 Razzberries, and 3 revives?”
  • A_Lone_Macaron: “And all they will do is schedule another weekend for those raids.”
  • Shipshaefter: “This is the first time in a long time that they have even remotely taken responsibility for an issue.”

It remains to be seen whether Niantic will really only compensate you with a few items or will fix the errors and then try again. As soon as there is official information on compensation, we will report about it here on MeinMMO.

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How did your top raid weekend go? Were you able to play the raids without any problems or did you also have to deal with bugs? And what kind of compensation would you like for the failed event? Let us know here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

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