PS Plus: You must have this much storage space for the extra & premium games in March 2023

PS Plus ExtraPremium will have to say goodbye to these titles in January 2023.

The download sizes of the Extra/Premium games from March 2023 are known.

On Wednesday, Sony announced the games that will move to PS Plus’ Extra and Premium tiers in March 2023. These include, for example, the day one release Tchia or Ubisoft’s open world surprise Immortals Fenyx Rising.

But beware: Anyone who is already scratching the download hooves should probably first make room on their own hard drive. Because the new titles take up a fair amount of storage space, so much that you cannot have all the titles that come into the service on March 21st installed without expanding the storage space.

The Twitter account PlayStation game size has now published the download sizes of the individual titles and here you can read how big the respective games are (rounded up).

No info for Tchia yet: The download size for Tchia is not yet known and will be submitted later.

Storage space is cheap right now

If you take this opportunity and notice again that you have to delete dozens of other titles in order to install the new extra and premium games, or are generally thinking about expanding the memory, this is a good opportunity. And that in the truest sense of the word, because the prices for SSDs are currently lower than they have ever been.

If you also own a PS5 and have not yet secured the games from the PS Plus Collection, you should do so in the near future. Because from May 9th, the collection of numerous hits like God of War or Days Gone will no longer be available for download. So keep that in mind when you grab the extra and premium games from March 2023.

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Which PS Plus extra/premium games are you most interested in?