Radeon RX 6300: Another entry-level graphics card for slim wallets spotted

Data sheet for the Radeon RX 6300.

from Alexander Pensler
A previously unannounced AMD Radeon RX 6300 has appeared on the Chinese used market. This GPU with a narrow 32-bit memory interface and 2 GiB GDDR6 RAM only needs 32 watts.

There may be a new AMD graphics card for the low-performance segment, which currently ends with the RX 6400 or the mobile GPU 6300M: The Twitter user 9950pro recently has a supposed RX 6300 at second-hand dealer Goofish identified from China. This little sister of an RX 6400 comes with a narrow memory interface, little memory and low power consumption at a price of 399 yuan, i.e. the equivalent of around 54.20 euros. However, the card has already been sold or removed on Goofish.

RDNA 2 graphics card with minimal performance

Pictured on the Goofish store page was a red PCB with a small axial format air cooler on top of the graphics chip. In addition, two connections for monitors can be seen, one display port and one HDMI according to the data sheet. In the photo, however, it looks more like two DisplayPort connectors. This “RX 6300”, officially never presented by AMD, is the mobile graphics card RX 6300M Relatively similar: The graphics processor runs at a maximum of 1,512 MHz and only 2 GiB GDDR6 memory is connected via a small 32-bit bus, with a memory clock of 2,000 MHz.

Data sheet for the Radeon RX 6300.

The main difference between this plug-in card for desktop computers and an AMD RX 6300M ​​is the overall consumption. Because while a 6300M ​​only has 25 watts available, this supposed RX 6300 can still draw 32 watts of power if the data sheet information is correct.

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