Razer Releases New Mouse Pad – Warn yourself not to use it to set fires or kill others

Razer Atlas Warnings

Razer has released a new mouse pad. In their shop they warn that you should not set fires or kill other people with them.

What does Razer warn about? Razer has launched a new mouse pad, the Razer Atlas. The special thing about the mouse pad is the texture, because it is made of 5 mm thick glass.

The manufacturer therefore added three strange warnings to the mouse pad’s shop page:

  • The first warning shows a person holding the mouse pad horizontally in the sun. The sun’s rays hit the glass surface of the pad and ignite a fire underneath – similar to a magnifying glass.
  • On the second warning, the person holds the mouse pad in a vertical position in front of their own face and looks towards the sun. Here it is shown that the mouse pad is not a sunscreen because it is made of glass. Such use could injure your eyes and skin. With regard to the first indication, a warning of possible burns may even be given here.
  • The third warning is probably the clearest. Don’t hit other people with it, especially on the head. Finally, the mouse pad is made of millimeter thick glass.

Of course it is possible that the information is not meant to be taken seriously. The company may also want to protect itself from actually unimaginable legal proceedings in the USA.

What kind of mouse pad is that? The Razer Atlas is Razer’s first glass mousepad. It’s 5mm thick, 450mm long and 400mm wide, so it’s an average size. The price is a whopping 120 euros.

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Because it’s made of glass, it has less resistance than cloth or even plastic mouse pads. As a result, glass mouse pads usually play particularly quickly and enable very fast flicks.

There are shooter players who swear by glass mouse pads because of the low resistance. This includes Marko Jevtic, who is enthusiastic about a Razer competitor, the Skypad:

I tested 20 mouse pads for 1 year: now I play on glass