Resident Evil 4: Popular DLC could also get a remake

Resident Evil 4: Popular DLC could also get a remake

The venerable Resident Evil series is experiencing something like a second spring. The new offshoots are all popular and older series parts are also lovingly and lovingly restored extensive remakes updated and made playable for a modern audience.

The next track is Resident Evil 4which for many is the best game in the series and am March 24th as a remake for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and personal computer appears. We were already allowed to try the new edition and tell you in our testwhat awaits you. But the release might not be the end. According to a leaker, a popular DLC could also get a remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake could get DLC

The reference comes from a post on ResetEra. There the user Dusk golem reported to speak, who is considered to be well informed and has often provided background knowledge in the past Resident Evil games has shared. According to him Capcom also relaunching the fan-favorite DLC Separate Ways and releasing it as an expansion for “Resident Evil 4”.

“Seperate Ways” revolves around the character Ada Wong and delivered a few new chapters detailing her story. The content is not part of the remake of “Resident Evil 4”, but could be submitted later, just like with the original.


According to the insider, however, the expansion as a whole longer and more extensive fail to justify the additional cost. So that would be it not a free DLC act. The statements are of course only rumors so far, an official confirmation is still pending.

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However, since the remake of “Resident Evil 4” is a great success, it does not seem completely absurd that Capcom could use it to produce and sell more content. “Seperate Ways” would definitely be an option here and round off the package of the new edition well.

Are you looking forward to the remake of “Resident Evil 4” and would you also buy the DLC if the quality is right? Tell us in the comments!