Resident Evil 4 reviews at a glance + Metacritic: The second best-selling game of the year so far

The Resident Evil 4 Remake brings in rows of dream ratings.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake brings in rows of dream ratings.

On the morning of March 17th, the review embargo for the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake fell. Numerous magazines and outlets have now put their reviews and ratings online and a clear picture is emerging. Resident Evil 4 is also an absolute masterpiece in the new edition, which hardly anyone who has a thing for action horror games will be able to ignore.

The numerous dream scores then also lead to very high average ratings in the low 90s on the Metacritic and Open Critic aggregation sites.

Below you will find an overview of some selected ratings for the game:

magazine rating
IGN 10/10
GameStar 91
Games Radar+ 90
Metro GameCentral 9/10
Game Informer 9.5/10
GameSpot 10/10
Giant Bomb 5/5
shack news 10/10
VG24/7 5/5
Wccftech 8.5/10

This makes Resident Evil 4 already one of the best games of 2023. So far, only the Metroid Prime remaster has had to “beat” it, which currently has even higher average ratings (Metacritics: 94, Open Critic 94). But it should already be clear that the Resi 4 new edition will appear in many 2023 top lists.

That is praised and that is criticized

Although, of course, each review has its own focus points, there are many points in almost all reviews that deserve special mention and are indicative of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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This is positive:

  • excellent optics (PS5 & Xbox Series X/S version)
  • very good adjustments in story and level design
  • gripping fights
  • varied opponents
  • large scope
  • exciting atmosphere

This is negative:

  • too much action, not enough horror
  • lengths towards the end of the game

There is surprisingly little moaning in Resident Evil 4 Remake, some reviewers find the action component a bit too high and towards the end of the game the pacing is not quite as excellent as in the rest of the game.

Here’s the GamePro review of Resident Evil 4 Remake

Some of the GamePro editors have also been able to fight their way through Ganado-infested Spain in the last few days and have almost exclusively positive reports to report. You can read what we particularly like and where even a masterpiece like Resident Evil 4 has some catching up to do in the big test by colleague Samara.

Are you surprised by the high ratings for the Resi 4 remake? Or did you expect these high scores?