Shaman King Flowers – TV start of the anime series is set!

Shaman King Flowers - TV start of the anime series is set!

The remake too Shaman King is a Netflix series that the medium Yo Asakura accompanied on his journey to become the king of the shamans. with the help of your guardian spirit Amidamaru he denies numerous fights, including against his twin brother Hao.

Now the sequel to Shaman King starts, in which the focus is on the next generation. The makers behind Shaman King Flowers reveal not only which characters will play a role in the anime series, but also when the anime will start.

Shaman King Flowers: TV launch in Japan next year

A first teaser trailer reveals which ones voice actors slip into the roles of the characters:

  • Yoko Hikasa as Hana Asakura
  • Katsuyuki as Amidamaru
  • Sumire Uesaka as Alumi Niumbirch
  • Shun Hore as Yohane Asakura
  • Michiko Kaiden as Gakko Ibuki
  • Romi Park as Tao Men

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When will the anime series be available? The anime should from January 2024 run on TV Tokyo. This means that the anime can only be seen in Japan for the time being. It is not yet known when “Shaman King Flowers” will come to Germany.

Also, the anime gets a key visual donated, on the Hana on a tombstone squats. Amidamaru sits on his shoulder while the other characters are spread out around him.

© Shueisha, Kodansha

Why is? Shaman King Flowers is playing 14 years after the events of “Shaman King”. Yo and Anna Asakura have one common son named Hana. He is tired of the boring everyday life and wants to show everyone what talent he has as a shaman.

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One day suddenly appears Yohane descended from the other branch of the Asakusa family. His goal is to kill Hana. So we can look forward to exciting fights and get more composed.