Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: It’s all in the Xbox Game Pass version

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Players can lead their chosen civilization from ancient to modern. Civilization VI is now playable on both console and PC with Xbox Game Pass.

Civilization VI, the latest installment in the legendary franchise, is available now on Xbox Game Pass. Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to lead an ancient civilization into the modern age can now prove it: players now have the chance to show it in the turn-based strategy classic.

In Civilization VI, players can choose and lead different civilizations; each with their own leader, abilities, and unique unit and infrastructure option.

For example, playing as America, the military can take to the skies in P-51 Mustangs when the time comes, and players can enhance their people’s culture and attract great personalities by building a movie studio.

When playing as Egypt, the military advantage in the form of Maryannu charioteers comes into play much earlier, and both the culture and belief of the people can be improved by building the Sphinx. Whatever your individual playstyle, there’s a civilization to suit it.

Regardless of which civilization players lead, the game can be won through science, culture, religion, military power, or – if the game ends before someone has achieved one of these victories – with a score that takes into account progress in all four areas.

Combining these victory conditions with the various rival civilizations and world maps to navigate, as well as the other players in online multiplayer, it’s likely that no two games of Civilization VI are ever the same.

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In the Microsoft Store, PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, players have Access to all 20 civilizations of the base game if playing on PC. There are 7 additional playable leaders and civs on console, bringing the roster of civs to 27 in Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Civilization VI also supports cloud saving between PC and Xbox when linked to a 2K account, as well as cross-play between PC platforms.

Even more possibilities are offered by the expansions and content packs of Civilization VI, which introduce new civilizations, units, buildings, environmental disasters, engineering projects, a new victory condition for diplomacy, the World Congress and much more.

With the exception of the Leader Pass content, which is coming in March only for PC, the rest of Civilization VI expansions and content packs are available now. Upon purchasing Civilization VI, players will keep their Game Pass version progress so they can just keep playing.

History belongs to the players, so let’s get started: In Civilization VI, that very history can now be made with Xbox Game Pass! Who has tried it?

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