Sons of the Forest: How Seasons Affect Gameplay Here’s how you can customize them

Sons of the Forest: Winter Jacket Winter Clothes Location (Solution, Guide)

Just crashed with the helicopter and cheated death once more, begins in Sons of the Forest the tough fight for survival. Next to the food procurement and looking for one safe housing the locals want to get at you and are only too happy to cut a slice of you.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they come too seasons are added, which make life in the grove a lot more difficult than it appears at the beginning. We explain the different seasons to you what to consider.

As in real life, nature is experienced in “Sons of the Forest” a constant change. However, only a few days pass ingame until the seasons change, so you some things to consider when exploring should.

So you do well at times for one safe shelter to take care of and get enough food for you, before winter comes. Because it doesn’t come along insidiously. So you wake up one morning and the entire landscape is wrapped in a white blanket, all of them buried under vegetation has.

Perfect starting point: Summer

But always nice in turn: If you start the game normally, you will land in the middle of summer on the supposedly lonely island. This is also the perfect starting point to look for a stable to provide (survival) means of subsistence.

The bushes are full of berries and the local fauna also offers you all sorts of opportunities not to starve to death. Besides, they are Days longer in summer than in winter. Ideally, you use the hours of sunshine and the associated brightness to house building.

Winter demands a lot from you in Sons of the Forest

As beautiful as a snowy landscape is, it still harbors some pitfalls. The Wild animals withdraw and thus make it much more difficult to obtain food. On top of that, the standing water bodies frozen are. Fish and drinking water are therefore also scarce.

Whether a patch might ensure that the break up the ice sheet can? That would definitely be a nice feature and would at least take a load off our shoulders. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for rivers. Here you can drink even in winter.

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It’s best to do like the squirrels and get yourself a sufficient one before the onset of winter Stock of food at. But keep in mind that fresh meat in your backpack will quickly become rotten. A drying rack can help here, where you preserve fish and meat can.

Were you looking forward to a peaceful winter?

Speaking of food: Winter is also at behavior of the cannibals noticeable. They find – just like you – less fresh food hopping around and are therefore still greedy for your knuckles.

Different to Virginia and the natives, of course, the colder temperatures will also take a toll on you. A warm fire and the winter jacket are therefore important in order not to freeze to death. Of the Endurance to be completely silent. It drops rapidly in the coldest season.

As already mentioned, they freeze lakes in winter and also represent another danger for you. Your enemies will check relatively quickly that you walk on the thick layer of ice can. Be sure to keep that in mind if you’re toying with the idea of ​​building your home on the (supposedly safe) lake.

Also, always keep an eye on them cold indicator, which you can find to the right of the mini-map. This goes hand in hand with the stamina display and shows you when it is high time for one warming fire is.

Sons of the Forest: Frost Bar
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There is also spring and autumn

Spring and autumn play only one in “Sons of the Forest”. subordinate role. They practically form the transition between the main seasons and are also four days each much shorter. Autumn is of greater importance to you. Because it shows you with brightly colored leaves that it is high time to prepare for the approaching winter.

Can I influence the course of the seasons?

As in any good simulation, in Sons of the Forest you are free to influence on the course to take of the seasons. In the default setting, a whole lasts year exactly 20 days. As already mentioned, spring and autumn each have four days.

Both summer and winter are included six days each a little longer. Isn’t that long enough for you? No problem: In the custom settings you have the opportunity to play god and decide for yourself about the length.

Here’s how you can make changes to the seasons

Start a new game and select the Difficulty level Individual. Here you can now under “Environment”. length of the season set. The following modes are available to you:

  • Long: 10 days each in spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Realistic: 90 days per season

To make these changes to an already existing score unfortunately you have to take the detour via the JavaScript file take. Look in your AppData folder for the right game. You can recognize this by the modification date.

If you with the Default settings plays (i.e. not “Individual”), you have to insert the following command:


It is best to do this right at the beginning and after these signs:


For a realistic duration of the season use her “Realistic”. Use “High” and “Short” to lengthen or shorten them accordingly. In any case, make sure that the file ends with the following command:


Unfortunately, there is not yet a convenient way to change the seasons for an existing saved game. It is therefore best to consider beforehand whether you have one realistic course of the year and thus want to have individual settings or not.

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