Spring discounts of up to 55%: Gardena hose box, watering wand, robot lawn mower & Co.

Spring discounts of up to 55%: Gardena hose box, watering wand, robot lawn mower & Co.

Spring is finally here! The first rays of sunshine lure us outside into the garden. But before we can fully enjoy the warm season, the garden must first be made fit. The spring discounts at Amazon for Gardena are just right. With a wide range of watering devices and garden tools, Gardena not only makes work in the garden easier, but also ensures a perfect result. Whether square sprinkler, watering wand, hose box or robot lawn mower – in this article we present the best discounted products from Gardena, so that the garden is perfect for the summer!

Highlights of the spring discounts for Gardena hose boxes, watering wands, robotic lawnmowers, etc.

So that you can quickly find the right Gardena garden tool, we divide Amazon’s discount deals into different categories (see table of contents). We have picked out a few highlights below: Gardena lawn sprinklers, irrigation control, hose box, watering wand, Sileno robotic lawnmower or joint scraper.

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Gardena garden tools with big discounts on Amazon (highlights)

In spring, plants and shrubs in the garden need more water. An effective way to ensure regular and even watering is to use lawn sprinklers such as the square sprinkler. A large selection of Gardena watering controllers and matching lawn sprinklers are currently available on Amazon at drastically reduced prices to automate watering and ensure plants get enough water without you having to worry about it.

Gardena Irrigation Control & Square Sprinkler at Amazon

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Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to get your garden in shape. With a hose box, you can store your garden hose neatly and have it ready for use when you need it. If you are looking for a practical solution, Amazon is currently offering the Gardena Hose Box Roll Up with hoses in lengths between 15 meters and 35 meters at greatly reduced prices. However, these offers are only valid while stocks last, similar to the Gardena robotic lawnmower or watering wand. With a hose storage box, you can ensure your hose is always within reach in the spring and never gets knotted or tangled again.

Gardena Hose Box Roll Up with big discounts at Amazon

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A good watering wand is essential to ensure the garden is sufficiently watered in spring. The Gardena Premium watering lance with garden spray is currently available from Amazon at a high discount. In connection with a Gardena hose box, this ensures that the garden is optimally watered and thrives.

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Gardena Premium Watering Lance & Garden Sprayer at Amazon with high discounts

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Robotic Lawnmowers & Lawnmowers

Robot lawn mowers are not yet as widespread as robot vacuums, but they are becoming increasingly popular. Amazon offers a selection of Gardena robot lawn mowers and lawn mowers at reduced prices. With a popular Gardena robotic lawnmower Sileno you can not only save time and work, but also real money. However, if you prefer to mow the lawn yourself, you should take a look at the currently discounted 18V cordless lawnmowers.

Gardena Sileno robotic lawnmower & cordless lawnmower at Amazon

Garden tool and battery 18V

For a blooming garden in spring you need the right tools. Not only Gardena robotic lawn mowers, watering wands or hose boxes, but also various garden tools such as secateurs and joint scrapers are currently cheaper on Amazon. 18V cordless garden tools such as the Gardena hedge trimmer are also available at attractive prices.

Gardena hedge trimmer, battery 18V, joint scraper and much more. at Amazon