Starfield gets 18 age clearance in Australia – here’s why

Starfield: Your character will not have a voice (1)

With Starfield Bethesda has one of the most anticipated titles of the year under its belt. For the title, which September 6, 2023 for the PC and the Xbox Series X/S, there is a lot of speculation and rumours. An interesting clue before the release of a new AAA title is, among other things, the age rating. After all, this often provides a basis for discussing the potential level of violence in the game. In the case of Starfield, the depiction of drugs has arguably led to the space RPG becoming a Release from 18 years receives.

Starfield in Australia only from 18

The rating of the title and the associated justification were recently published on the Internet. It is explicitly a table in which aspects such as sex, nudity, drugs or violence are categorized from “none” to “very high influence”.

For example, while nudity or sex play little or no role in the title, drugs in particular seem to be a thorn in the side of the Australian authorities. Kitguru emphasizes that the authority is very strict on this issue in particular. So will as an example Fallout 3 called, which had caused discussions by using morphine as a medicine in the game. The website notes that it was rebranded to “Med-X” for the Australian release at the time.