Steam: Big Spring Sale with thousands of deals live – Steam Deck cheaper for the first time

Steam: New sale with many game deals is online - these offers are available

The Steam Spring Sale 2023 is live. As announced, Valve is promoting thousands of game deals from every imaginable genre over the next seven days. The range of PC games on offer is correspondingly varied, so there should be something for every taste. We have put together a selection of the highlights for you below. The deals include games like Cities Skylines (8.39 euros), The Callisto Protocol (41.99 euros), Deep Rock Galactic (9.89 euros), Hell Let Loose (26.79 euros), Slime Ranger 2 (18, 74 euros) and Control: Ultimate Edition (11.99 euros).

Lots of game deals for PC

In the offers for Steam spring sale you will also discover individual franchises, including Borderlands, Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls. Games like Stellaris (9.99 euros), Cyberpunk 2077 (29.99 euros), Sea of ​​Thieves (19.99 euros), Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (29.99 euros) and Forza Horizon are in the top seller area 5 (35.99 euros), God of War (29.99 euros), Valheim (13.99 euros) and Half-Life Alyx (23.59 euros) reduced in price. One Special feature holds the spring promotion also ready: In the sale you can get the Steam Deck cheaper than usual for the first time.