Steel Division 2: Siege of Dunkirk, Patch and Weekend Events – News

Steel Division 2: Siege of Dunkirk, Patch and Weekend Events - News

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yesterday is with Siege of Dunkirk (in the user article) the sixth Nemesis DLC for real-time tactics Steel Division 2 published by Eugen Systems. Two divisions are included. Dunkirk Fortress on the Axis side. On the Allied side, the Czechoslovaks intervened for the first time with the CIABG, the Czechoslovak Independent Armored Brigade Group. They are supported by the British, Canadians and Free French. Altogether there are over 30 new units and, for example for planes and tanks, suitable textures.

At the same time, an extremely extensive patch was released. At its core, the Commonwealth divisions, but also Soviets, are buffed. The buffs for the Axis are mostly limited to discouraged units and bad planes. The idea is to be able to bring more cheap infantry onto the battlefield to make it a little easier for newcomers to get started. Because losing a 15-point unit isn’t as bad as losing a very expensive unattended unit. You absolutely should look at the patch notes.

As reported, the tenth and thus anniversary season of the Steel Division League recently started. Accordingly, there are already many exciting games that you can watch on YouTube. For Saturday 2 p.m. is also on the official Simulated Divisions League twitch channel planned the second edition of SD Millionaires, a quiz show all about Steel Division. The show takes place as part of the Generals Lounge, the current talk show, so to speak. Guest at from 3 p.m protos gamer are this time fantyx, flix and Vampiro.

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