Stray Souls: Unreal Engine 5 Horror Game Revealed

Stray Souls: Unreal Engine 5 Horror Game Revealed

From time to time we report on our website about topics related to the Unreal Engine 5. So far, tech demos or experiments by fans in particular have attracted attention. For example, remember a project that imported Dark Souls 3 piecemeal into the engine. Now, however, the revelation of a horror game that was developed with just that engine is causing a stir. It is the title developed by Jukai Studio Stray Soulswhich will be released in autumn for the PC, the Playstation 5, the Xbox Series X/S, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

State-of-the-art psychic horror

The title is explicitly advertised as a third-person horror game that wants to captivate you with creative puzzles, terrifying characters and a gripping story. Narratively, Stray Souls throws you into the town of Aspen Falls as a teenager.

In this one you have inherited your grandmother’s house and are meanwhile confronted with the mysteries of this very strange place. The marketing notes that the game was inspired by classics of the genre. A trailer for the game can also be found on the YouTube channel of the publisher Versus Evil. The visuals of the game are already convincing. However, whether Stray Souls will also be remembered in terms of play is a completely different question.

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More news about horror games

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