The 5 hardest WoW bosses that took pros hundreds of tries

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Many bosses have long tormented the heroes in World of Warcraft. But 5 of them survived more attempts than all others.

Throughout the history of World of Warcraft, numerous boss fights have ensured exciting races for World First. But balancing a final boss is a pretty complex thing. Some raid bosses lasted for hundreds of tries, while others gave up the digital spoon after a few dozen tries.

The strongest final bosses could withstand the onslaught of the pro guilds for many hundreds of tries.

In this list, note that the “Number of Attempts” refers to the value it took the first guild to defeat the boss. If you added up all the attempts of all major guilds in this period, the value would be significantly higher. In addition, as with the bosses, they always talk about their strongest available variant – i.e. heroic or mythic.

5th place: Archimonde

Extension: Warlords of Draenor
Raid: The Hellfire Citadel
Number of attempts: 472
First kill by: Method

Archimonde holds 5th place – ahead of many, many others.

Archimonde was not only the final boss of Hellfire Citadel, but also the final boss of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The inglorious history of this addon ended with him, but the fight was one of the most challenging of all times.

Not only were there numerous phases and many additional enemies to defeat, the coordination of the raid also had to be exact. However, it was peppered with a disgusting amount of “RNG” – because it was decided by chance who got a debuff and who it jumped to. If the wrong players were caught here, it could mean a direct wipe.

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4th place: Ragnaros

Extension: cataclysm
Raid: The Firelands
Number of attempts: over 500
First kill by: DREAM Paragon

Ragnaros in the Firelands – somewhat mocked for his feet, but otherwise incendiary.

The fall of Ragnaros came at a time when races for world first kills weren’t as public as they are today. The current progress was not streamed or only to a very limited extent, and the recording of all attempts did not take place at that time.

Therefore, the second fight against the fire lord is difficult to assess exactly, but the statement was made with “over 500 attempts”.

Ragnaros was smiled at by the community at the time. Because the fire prince was given feet especially for the boss fight at the highest difficulty, which fueled a lot of memes at the time.

3rd place: Garrosh Hellscream

Extension: Mists of Pandaria
Raid: Siege of Orgrimmar
Number of attempts: 638
First kill by: Method

wow garrosh pandaria
One of the most popular villains of modern times: Garrosh.

The Siege of Orgrimmar period is considered the greatest content drought in World of Warcraft history, and at the same time it was one of the toughest and longest raids ever.

Not only was the path to Garrosh paved by 13 other bosses, but the fight against the warchief itself was divided into several phases with different locations. Guilds often only fight their way into a new phase for a few seconds in order to make minimal progress.

So it’s no wonder that the orc boss could only be tried after 638 attempts and Method claimed victory for himself.

2nd place: Kil’jaeden

Extension: legion
Raid: The tomb of Sargeras
Number of attempts: 654
First kill by: Method


The Tomb of Sargeras was the “medium” raid of the Legion expansion and the players liked it, after all, you could get hold of new editions of popular animal sets here – in high-resolution quality.

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But Kil’Jaeden, the commander of Sargeras, turned out to be a particularly tough fight. This was not only due to the high damage and the many abilities that overlapped, but also due to rather nasty shove mechanics that you had to react to in a split second if you didn’t want to fly off the platform. Accordingly, Method was only able to defeat this boss after 654 attempts.

Demon hunters had an easy time here, as they could simply fly back onto the platform while other classes were catapulted into the afterlife. Therefore, in the minds of many, this fight is still considered the “Demon Hunter final boss”.

1st place: Uu’nat

Extension: Battle for Azeroth
Raid: Crucible of Storms
Number of attempts: 731
First kill by: pieces

Uu’nat before the Eye of N’Zoth – the most terrible fight.

No boss has endured as long as Uu’nat. The Herald of N’Zoth proved to be the longest lasting boss yet when you go purely by the number of tries required.

Having said that, the race for Uu’nat’s “World First Kill” was pretty much non-existent. The raid was just a “mini-raid” consisting of two bosses and many of the big guilds were taking a break to prepare for the next patch.

But that didn’t change the fact that Uu’nat proved extremely steadfast, driving guilds insane in droves and ultimately passing 730 times before the Pieces guild managed to deliver the killing blow and end the Trial of N’Zoth consist.

Why this list? We already have a list of the 7 toughest final bosses that have survived the longest in World of Warcraft. There, however, time was the decisive factor and not the number of attempts a boss needed. Since professional guilds today can play many dozens of attempts per day in a much more efficient and targeted manner, a direct comparison with back then is difficult. Therefore, we decided to create a standalone list that only considers the number of attempts.

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Which of these lists you ultimately consider more meaningful is up to you.