The Last of Us: How many people did Joel kill on the show and how many in the game?

Joel is a regular mass murderer in the HBO series too, don't worry.

Joel is a regular mass murderer in the HBO series too, don’t worry.

HBO filmed The Last of Us and changed a few things in the process. A large part of the game consists of sneaking around and killing off enemies. Of course, it doesn’t have to and can’t be the same in the series. But how many people does the series Joel kill and how does he compare to the game?

That’s what it’s about: The HBO film adaptation of The Last of Us as a series relies more on story than gameplay – that’s the nature of the thing. The level of violence in the game has also been reduced significantly and there are fewer clickers, for example.

But that doesn’t mean that Joel wouldn’t still cause a real massacre at the end. But on the contrary. Of course, that raises the question of how many people had to believe in the film adaptation and whether there are really that many fewer than in the game.

The Last of Us: This is how many people Joel killed in the series vs in the game

The short answer is: Yes, Joel kills significantly fewer people (and clickers or runners) in the HBO series than he does in the game. But it’s not really that few. Fans have been meticulously counting (via: Reddit).

  • In the series Joel kills 28 people and 11 infected, 39 in total.
  • In the game kills Joel around 200 enemies in a standard run.

Of course it depends: Of course, you can also play through The Last of Us Part 1 with a lot fewer kills. Of course, if you sneak and avoid enemies, you can reduce the deaths of your opponents to a minimum.

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Anyone who puts in a lot of effort and one Pacifist Run lies down, may even come under the number from the series. At least there is a try here YouTubewhich results in a total of 17 kills that cannot be avoided.

However, this is also hotly debated. For example, the murder of the doctor at the end is not counted here – but we know a person who sees it very, very differently. But for that we should actually be talking about The Last of Us Part 2.

In any case, one thing is certain: On a more or less ‘normal’ run of The Last of Us, you’ll probably automatically turn off the lights on well over 100 enemies. In addition, the series Joel with his 28 kills seems almost tame. Nonetheless, of course, these deaths do have a terrifying effect.

Outside even more: Another thing to keep in mind is that of course only the kills that can be seen were counted here. In the months that sometimes pass in the meantime, Joel may well have killed one or the other clicker and maybe even people – but offscreen.

What do you think of this comparison? How would you have liked it if The Last of Us series was closer to the game in this regard?