The Necromancer class in Diablo 4: Our guide for beginners

Diablo 4: Necromancer Class Guide, Beginner's Guide (Diablo IV)

In diablo 4 there are several highly interesting classes to start off with that you can use to fight against the demoness Lilith, Lady of Betrayal. Here we present you the class Necromancer that you can play out in very different ways. How exactly, we will tell you in this one Beginner’s Guide.

The Necromancer in Diablo 4: The Class Introduced

If you like fighting from the back and have a penchant for the dark arts, you might want to check out this Priests of Rathma take a closer look, who are known to outsiders primarily as necromancers. In diablo 4 These special summoners can be guided down the path of bone, darkness, blood, or army.

Necromancers rely on two resources in combat: On the one hand, the essence, your primary resource, which fills up slowly automatically and can also be filled up with various skills and items. On the other hand, this class uses corpses in battle, such as exploding skeleton warriors, life-stealing golems, or skeleton mages.

  • Type: summoner, magician
  • resource: essence, corpses
  • damage type: Physical
  • Exclusive ability: Book of the Dead
  • weapons: 1H Swords, Daggers, Wands, Focuses, Shields, 1H Scythes, 2H Scythes

Anyone who chooses this class will be delighted many summonable minionsused in combat or in exchange for powerful buffs can be sacrificed. The way Necromancers play is relatively flexible and they have high chance of survival in battleas they tend to shy away from melee combat and have powerful lifesteal skills.

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The Necromancer in Diablo 4: The Attributes

Those who diligently fight their way through the enemy armies will always be happy about a level up that gives you the opportunity to improve one of the four main attributes. This gives you buffs that apply to all classes, but also class-specific effects that underline the playstyle of these builds.

  • Strength: Increases armor by 1
  • intelligence: Increases all resistances by 0.05%
  • willpower: Improves healing received by 0.1%
  • skill: Improves the chance to dodge attacks by 0.25%

The Necromancer in Diablo 4: The unique mechanic Book of the Dead

Every class in diablo 4 features its own unique mechanic that allows players to customize their character to suit their own playstyle. For the Necromancer, this is that Book of the Dead. This allows the three summonable undead to become one specialization assign, which allows quite different ways of playing.

skeleton warrior

  • skirmisher: Deals more damage
  • defender: Boosts defense
  • reapers: Deals area damage

Skeleton Mage

  • cold: Freezes opponents
  • The shade: Deals shadow damage that can stun enemies
  • Bone: Deals more damage at the cost of health


  • Bone: Gives the golem area-of-effect attacks
  • blood: Life is stolen from nearby enemies
  • iron: Gives the golem attacks that can stun enemies
Diablo 4: Necromancer Class Guide, Beginner's Guide (Diablo IV)
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Alternatively, these creature types can also be found in the Book of Dead to be sacrificedwhat’s new for your character permanent buffs gives. As a result, you can no longer summon this type of minion. You can also ask the Necromancer for one of four different ways of playing decide, some of which differ greatly from each other:


Most bone based abilities now cause physical damagewhich makes them different from all values ​​such as Critical Hits benefit. The more Essence the Necromancer has, the more damage you deal with those Bone Abilities.

  • bone spirit: Summons a Bone Spirit that slowly moves toward enemies, where it explodes, dealing area damage. This consumes all of your essence, the more essence consumed, the greater the damage.
  • bone prison: Selected enemies are completely encased in bones, making them unable to move out of the area of ​​effect. Very powerful in combination with other skills, but also for your own protection.


Those who walk the path of shadows mainly share damage over time off or damage dealt in quick succession. Shadow magic also often has special effects that can weaken enemies and loss of control cause what is above all in PvP battles should be beneficial.

  • Decompose: A basic channeling ability that deals continuous damage while conveniently generating essence and corpses.
  • pest: Summons an orb of dark energy that explodes when its duration expires or when it hits an enemy. It deals damage and leaves an infested area that deals periodic damage to enemies within.


This path is suitable for all players who do not like to be cornered. Those who choose blood magic increase drastically the defence of the Necromancer and drains opponents of theirs life energy.

  • blood surge: A type of aura that drains the blood of nearby enemies and deals high damage with a final blood nova. The more enemies in the area of ​​effect, the higher the damage dealt.
  • blood mist: The Blood Mist makes Necromancers temporarily immune to all forms of damage, dissolving the character into a bloody mist and draining life energy from nearby enemies.

The army

The Necromancer is able to summon skeletons and golems and use them in battle. Corpses on the ground are used for other purposes. This style of play works well combine with the other three ways of playingwhich makes the class very flexible and adaptable to many circumstances.

Diablo 4: Necromancer Class Guide, Beginner's Guide (Diablo IV)
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The Necromancer in Diablo 4: The abilities of this class

In the list below you will find all the skills that the Necromancer can learn in “Diablo 4”. Match these powerful spells and summons with its unique mechanics and talents to create your very own dream class. As you will see, there are numerous possible combinations.

(…) The list will be added soon. Thank you for your patience.

Diablo 4: Necromancer Class Guide, Beginner's Guide (Diablo IV)
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The Necromancer in Diablo 4: The talents of this class

In the fourth part of the Diablo series, all classes once again unlock unique talents that are perfect for underlining your own personal play style. The right talents, with the right skills and a compatible playstyle from the Book of Dead creates your very own dream class.

(…) The list will be added soon. Thank you for your patience.

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