Trymacs is the most watched Twitch streamer in the world right now – people want to see him suffer

Trymacs is the most watched Twitch streamer in the world right now - people want to see him suffer

Maximilian “Trymacs” Stemmler (28) from Hamburg is one of the most successful streamers on German Twitch. He’s currently number 1 worldwide – and he owes that to a crazy challenge.

What is this challenge? Trymacs regularly entertains its viewers with big events: from a boxing match to a football tournament to its own survival show.

Now the 28-year-old has come up with something particularly nasty: together with 7 other streamers, he has not wanted to eat anything for a week since March 11th. The participants are on the air around the clock.

Here at MeinMMO, our expertise lies in games and everything related to them, not in the medical field. Food deprivation can lead to health problems such as circulatory problems, headaches, muscle cramps, and temporary vision problems (via inFranconia).
If you want to fast, please inform yourself thoroughly and consult a doctor if necessary.

In addition to forgoing food, the streamers set themselves numerous tasks and are tormented by guests with deliciously fragrant dishes. The whole thing is called “No Food Challenge” and is currently running on the Trymacs Twitch channel.

The challenge is not without danger: 3 participants have already dropped out due to health concerns (as of March 17, 2:15 p.m.).

Twitch streamers around Trymacs don’t want to eat anything for a week, after 3 days the ambulance has to come [Update]

Hunger Challenge makes Trymacs number 1 worldwide

What has Trymacs done now? The Hamburger is currently the most watched Twitch streamer worldwide. In the Watchtime category, with 3,407,049 watched hours in 7 days, it even beats English and Spanish-speaking streamers (via sullygnome).

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Why is the challenge so successful? The reason for this is very simple: when you rank channels by Watchtime, those that are on the air a lot have an advantage. A streamer like Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris, who has a lot of viewers, only ranks 7th after hours watched because he streams significantly less than the competition (via sullygnome).

Other factors also contribute to the success of the “No Food Challenge”:

  • Starpower: Trymacs has invited various guests to its “No Food Challenge”. MontanaBlack in particular seems to have enjoyed tormenting the contestants and stops by pretty much every day (via YouTube). And Monte apparently brings his own viewers with him, too, who enjoy seeing him outside of his streaming basement.
  • Variety: The challenge itself is varied with the guests and various mini-games. In addition, the event itself represents a change from the usual routine on Twitch: MontanaBlack explained that this is not just another football event, but unique and creative (via YouTube).
  • Schadenfreude: Of course, that doesn’t come up short either. Content creators often seem to have a pretty comfortable life, so maybe it’s fun to see them suffer for once. A viewer on YouTube writes that watching the event while eating is particularly satisfying (via YouTube).

There are currently 5 streamers still in the running, and the effort is now clearly visible. They report difficulty concentrating and fatigue. It remains to be seen who will make it to the end.

The “No Food Challenge” is not the only thing that is currently causing high numbers on Twitch. The German streamers are also currently playing at the top among the women. 23-year-old HoneyPuu caught Minecraft fever earlier this year, becoming the world’s most watched streamer:

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A German streamer is currently the most watched woman on Twitch – even displacing Amouranth