Update should make the NPCs in Warzone 2 smarter, but they are now causing chaos

Update should make the NPCs in Warzone 2 smarter, but they are now causing chaos

With “Season 2 Reloaded” from Call of Duty: Warzone 2, the developers wanted to overhaul the AI ​​in DMZ. The NPCs can now use a variety of different vehicles, but this creates total chaos.

Players who are regularly in action in the DMZ should be familiar with the following scenario: you have just conquered a stronghold and the NPC reinforcements are already approaching. The AI ​​is an integral part of the DMZ and players must always decide how to tactically deal with this threat.

The longer you stay in an area, the higher the risk that the NPCs will call for reinforcements. Until now, you could rely on the NPCs arriving in a converted pick-up truck. But apparently the AI ​​discovered with the mid-season update that there are other vehicles in Al’Mazrah. Since the last update, the bots have been traveling with different carts – or at least they are trying to.

Season 2 Reloaded brings new content, lots of new features, bug fixes and lots of smaller changes. You can find an overview in the video here:

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Mid-Season 2 – Trailer

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NPCs in DMZ are extremely accurate for months – but apparently don’t have a driver’s license

In principle, the community has been annoyed by the NPCs in the DMZ since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone 2. The players often criticized their accuracy. The bots were simply too strong, especially for players who were traveling alone.

But even if there were three of you, the bots weren’t easy opponents. The longer you were involved in fights, the more difficult it became for you. The bots were so numerous and so accurate that you quickly ran out of armor plates.

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Although the developers have limited the strength of the AI ​​a bit with several nerfs, this does not go far enough for some players. The satisfaction that the hated NPCs behind the wheel are extremely incompetent is all the greater. A video is popular on Reddit that shows how the bots try in vain to maneuver a truck.

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Driving license and vehicle papers please!

There are numerous malicious comments under the Reddit post. For example, user u/mczulu72 writes “Level 1 skill in driving; Level 100 Shotgun Sniping Skill. User u/Diligent012 writes: “This game never stops surprising me – lol”.

Other players believe that NPCs must be drunk, as you can often find liquor and cheap wine in the DMZ. Two objects that you actually always find exactly when you are actually desperately looking for ammunition or armor plates.

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