What? Did Forspoken actually cost that much money?

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Only recently Square Enix spoke upto express their own disappointment with Forspoken’s sales figures. According to the publisher, sales of the action role-playing game remained behind the self-imposed expectationswithout this concrete numbers were known. Now however some interesting details reached the public, which could, at least in part, put the whole matter in a different light. Because by all appearances, Forspoken was for Square Enix quite an expensive endeavor.

Hundreds of millions for Forspoken?

The numbers come from the Linkedin profile a former Luminous Productions employee. He worked in the developer studio until February 2022 and worked there as lead writer while working on Forspoken (buy now €77.38 ) with. During this time he was in both Japan and Los Angeles to support the respective teams. Of particular interest is a passage in which Details of the budget of the project are to be found.

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“Wrote the Bible, script and downloadable content for a AAA ($100+ million budget) fantasy video game slated for release in Fall 2022.”

Since in this time no other game of this magnitude was in development at Luminous Productions and a trailer by Forspoken is also embedded, it actually can no doubt indicate which project he meant. Fortunately, Twitter user “Timur222” was able to take some screenshots of the profile before the relevant passages disappear again.

Guaranteed to fail?

Admittedly a confirmation of the information from Square Enix so far. But the development of Forspoken should actually cost more than $100 million have, it was probably very difficult from the beginning, the action role-playing game lead to financial success.