WoW: Has Blizzard already revealed the theme of patch 10.2?

Will we return to Rift of Aln in WoW Patch 10.2?

There is news from the test server for WoW Patch 10.1. A few days ago, we already reported that the armor that you can loot in the Zaralek Cave offers a certain recognition value. The name of the armor says it all! To honor the legacy of Neltharion, Blizzard developers have new sets created inspired by the Black Dragonflight. These items have the special name “blackdragonoutdoor” in the game and have special icons that are all about “Embers of Neltharion”.

Our overview with the most important information to WoW Patch 10.1!

Magical Weapons of the Green Dragonflight

The data miners discovered something exciting on the test server, which could point to the topic of WoW Patch 10.2. This is an item with a similar name to the armor found in Zaralek Cave. We’re talking about an icon that depicts a glaive shrouded in a green mist.

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The design of the weapon is strongly reminiscent of the filigree weapons and armor of the nature-loving druids. However, the name of the item is particularly interesting. The name of the file is “emeralddreamoutdoor”, which could indicate that the Emerald Dream will soon be coming into play as a large area in Dragonflight. It is possible that Blizzard is already planning the journey to the Emerald Dream for the next major patch 10.2. Here is the comparison between the Black Dragonflight open world armor and said glaive:

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The Emerald Dream is the magical realm of the Green Dragonflight. The Titans created the Emerald Dream as a kind of blueprint showing the original form of Azeroth. In the event that Azeroth should be destroyed, the dream serves as a reconstruction plan for the titan guardians. After spreading the dungeons of the Old Gods across Azeroth, the Wardens put Ysera into a trance to watch over the dream.

Will we return to Rift of Aln in WoW Patch 10.2?
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Emerald Dreams and the Journey to the Rift of Aln

In Dragonflight, Koroleth and her primalists struck Plains of Ohn’ahra. While we were dealing with the centaur clans, Koroleth attempted to invade the green dragonflight’s most important sanctum. With the help of Merithra, the new leader of the green dragonflight, our heroes were finally able to route the primalists. To this day we do not know what goals Koroleth was pursuing in Ohn’ahra. Should the home of the Green Dragons be destroyed, or even the Emerald Nightmare be resurrected?

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