WoW Patch 10.1: WeakAuras are no longer allowed to help you with heavy boss mechanics

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WeakAuras is quasi the all-rounder addon in World of Warcraft. WeakAuras is particularly popular among hardcore raiders because the highly customizable tool basically allows you to design addons within the addon, significantly simplifying the mechanics of boss fights. If, for example, it has to be decided within a few seconds which players have to stand in which position with which weakening spell, a WeakAura can be programmed with great skill.

This would otherwise not be possible without a helping WeakAura. This may have led to the Blizzard developers having to make the boss fights more and more complicated in order not to be able to simply overturn the boss fight with WeakAuras. As the operators of the addon recently announced via Twitter, Blizzard however, for Patch 10.1 it appears a “Private Aura” system developed that you can use if you don’t want addons to recognize specific spells or auras.

Soon no more WeakAuras for certain boss mechanics

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Currently, if Blizzard wanted to hide an aura of a boss mechanic, the devs could do that, but it wouldn’t be possible for the aura to be detected by regular addons, meaning these mechanics could probably only be detected through the standard UI. If you have a mechanic that imposes debuffs on players and forces them to do something when they get debuffs, the WeakAura will not be able to show players where to run.

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