WoW WotLK Classic: Surprisingly high number of bugs in old Northrend

WoW Patch 10.1: WeakAuras may no longer simplify all boss mechanics (1)

For some players, the following task may sound trivial at first glance: For a new edition of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic, take the latest patch version 3.3.5 from June 22, 2010, implement this version in the modern infrastructure of Blizzard (using, for example, the current version of the launcher) and then select the core features of the expansion that you want to provide over the course of several content phases.

However, anyone who has ever dealt with the development of games already suspects that behind these few lines there is a very complex challenge. What content goes live in what form with the launch version, what needs to be adjusted (e.g. exciting with the patch status of the raid bosses)? What bugs from back then that survived all of WotLK could you fix this time? Where are there unwanted interactions from the meeting of the old code, made adjustments and the modern framework? Does each change actually work the way the developers intended?

More severe bugs than Classic and TBC Classic

Although the developers for their classic versions juggle with a patch status that must have had the greatest fine-tuning in the respective era, it is not surprising that there have always been a few bugs in the three new editions so far. In a direct comparison, we even have to say that WoW WotLK Classic is plagued by much more severe errors than in TBC Classic and WoW (buy now ) Classic was the case. But it only really became clear to us when we saw WillE’s video on the subject:

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In the following we remember the worst bugs of the previous WotLK Classic era. Which ones torpedoed your gaming fun in particular?

The Wrath Classic Pre-Event

No, The pre-event of Wrath of the Lich King Classic didn’t quite go as announced by the developers in advance. For one thing, the Scourge invasion, scheduled to start on September 13, 2022, began a few days earlier. On the other hand, players had to realize in the middle of the event that the zombie plague was suddenly stopped. Several problems were to blame:

  • In the original version of the pre-event, zombie plague and scourge invasion were broken down into eight clearly timed steps. Mistake number 1 the developer affected the communication regarding the start time of the Scourge invasion. According to the timing just mentioned, this should start on day 3 of the zombie plague, which happened. However, September 13, 2022 was communicated as the start time, which of course led to confusion.
  • Mistake number 2: The developers had overlooked in the data of the patch that there was a necessary adjustment regarding the end period of the event. The plague got so out of hand that Blizzard had to end the event early in the original pre-patch. For WotLK Classic, on the other hand, the designers wanted the event to run through completely. The adjustments made back then had simply been overlooked.
  • There were further problems and bugs which, in combination with the restart servers, on which the zombie plague was carried out with its own clock, caused utter chaos: Everywhere there were different start and end times for the pre-event steps and up Kalimdor was not properly kicking off the Scourge invasion.

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic – Trailer for Northrend Classic!

The launch of Wrath Classic

The actual start of the Northrend adventure, on the other hand, actually went quite smoothly considering how many players wanted to travel to the two starting areas of the frozen continent at the same time. Some Alliance heroes who were caught in an infinite loop on their ship did not reach their destination: As soon as the loading screen had run through to Northrend, the travelers reappeared near Stormwind.

The developers’ solution: they hired new NPCs, teleport you directly to Northrend at the push of a button. Waiting several minutes for the next zeppelin? Don’t you need it! Endure the flight animation to the berth? But not in 2022/2023! Incidentally, the hard-working helpers are still offering their services.