Accessories Review: Inateck Ultimate Nintendo Switch Case

Inateck Ultimate Nintendo Switch Case
Image: Nintendo Life

With nearly 90 million Nintendo Switch consoles in the wild and in the hands of gaming fans, it’s no wonder so many accessory makers have tried creating their own carrying case solution. Protecting your precious system is probably high on your priority list if you’re the type that takes out your Switch, so you need a case that does the job right.

The last case that has caught our attention is Inateck’s ‘Ultimate Protective Nintendo Switch Case’. It’s designed to store your console, as well as a few extra bits and bobs, including your cartridges and cables, and features a “360 ° protection” concept that sees smooth but firm bubbles splattered around the edge of the case. It is also pleasing to the eye, sporting a clever design well suited for those looking to avoid flashier designs aimed at a younger audience.

We’ve been taking advantage of the case for a few days now, and it’s that clever look that’s winning us the most. Thanks to its understated gray and brown color palette and carefully hidden handle, we wouldn’t be embarrassed to pull this out on a train or when we start to get bored at a family gathering. It also fits very well in backpacks and the like, which is always a bonus.

When it comes to really using the thing, we found that we could comfortably place the Switch (Switch Lite and – They were told – Switch OLED models can also fit inside), an extra pair of Joy-Con, the AC adapter and up to 10 Switch game cartridges. We managed to get the HDMI cable in there too, but at this point it was getting a bit tight.

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By the way, we recommend facing the Switch upside down.  More on that a bit below.
By the way, we recommend facing the Switch upside down. More on that a bit below. (Image: Nintendo Life)

That 360 ° protection feature we talked about is a good idea; In the pictures below you can see how tight the console is inside the bubble rim. In fact, putting the Switch inside requires a bit of care thanks to the extra adjustment – you’ll need to carefully open the case with one hand to slowly slide the Switch in.

Our only complaint, and it’s minor, is that the edge of the case is soft enough to press down from the top so you can push the side console buttons down. Likewise, if you have the Switch control levers facing towards the side of the case (as in the images above), the levers can be depressed and squashed from the outside. Be a little careful and you’ll be fine, but don’t expect your Switch to survive sitting too many times while inside the case.

Inateck Ultimate Nintendo Switch Case
Image: Nintendo Life

At the time of writing, you can get one of these cases from Inateck’s Indiegogo campaign to $ 29 USD (approximately £ 21), which is below its usual $ 50 price tag. We’d have a hard time recommending it over other full-priced options (like these and these), but its smart looks alone would be enough to make us consider a purchase for the lower $ brand. 29.

Thanks to Inateck for providing the case presented in this review.