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The Case of John Romero (PCGH-Retro August 8)

08/08/2022 at 00:01 from Henner Schroeder – The fall of John Romero – that happened on August 8th. Every day, PC Games Hardware takes a look back at the young but eventful history of the computer. …1996: He’s a living legend: game designer John Romero. His career began at Softdisk, where he also brought Tom […]

Diablo Immortal: Player may encounter XP cap

08/07/2022 at 18:35 from Alexander Ney – If you believe the screenshot of a Reddit user, then there is a limit in the MMO action role-playing game Diablo Immortal above which players no longer receive experience points. To do this, however, the Paragon level of the player character must be significantly higher than the server […]