Judge Dredd comes to Call of Duty

Call of Duty Season 5 continues to unfold alongside some substantial additional content updates and announcements, with most landing next week on September 9. justice over the enemy.

Jjoining the revered ranks of the Saw puppet, Rambo and John McLane, Judge Dredd is on his way as a skin for operator Beck. In addition to a traditional mask that turns you into the law, there is also a comic strip version that allows you to look like a cel-shaded black and white style. And before you ask, yes, there are a few associated weapon blueprints, complete with some custom skins and finishing moves. So yeah, not one, but two Judge Dredd skin variants to dive into in Season 5 Reloaded. So what else is coming? A lot.

Hudson, the popular Call of Duty character, is back as an operator too! Court. The zoo map returns to Call of Duty, complete with animal exhibits, park space, the monorail, and the gift shop. Everybody wants to go to the gift shop, right? To that end, a 24/7 Zoo playlist is coming so you can play Zoo all day, every day. Demolition mode is also implemented here, a chaotic bomb mode with a couple of explosive sites.

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Do you like zombies? Outbreak has another region to explore with Armada. That’s right, take the battle to the ship! Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this picturesque aquatic site is filled with new zombie adventures, including an all-new World Event. Speaking of world events, a mysterious black chest is now available in all regions of the outbreak. This mysterious chest hides … Well, mysteries. Let us know what’s in that thing once you find a few!

Warzone is 50v50 combat again if you want to dive into Clash. This mode offers giant teams facing off in a 500-point battle with unlimited respawns. If you don’t like that, maybe Iron Trials ’84 mode is more to your liking. This mode offers a different set of rules compared to standard Warzone, with larger health pools that change the time to kill, changes to Gulag charges, and other alterations that make it a very different drop to the standard Zone than everyone. we know.

For a full rundown of everything coming September 9 with Season 5 Reloaded, head over to the official site here.