Sayonara Wild Hearts Composer on Creating the First ‘Pop Album Video Game’ – Feature

Interview with Daniel Olsen

It seems that video game music continues to grow and reach new heights with each passing year. Amazing soundtracks are no longer limited to big-budget titles and the work of long-established names, as the Indie space and the growth of tools and knowledge have ushered in a new generation of songwriters. One example is Daniel Olsén, who was part of a talented team that made waves with Simogo’s 2019 ‘Pop Album Video Game’ Sayonara Wild Hearts.

In some respects, that game and its creative process were quite unique. Olsén’s journey to this project is also interesting, since his career in the video game industry began as an artist and animator; the transition to music, which turned a hobby into an occupation, took place over several years. He worked on Year Walk, a riveting game some will remember from Wii U, and Olsén also delivered some fantastic music and audio design most recently on The Gardens Between.

We spoke with him about his career to date and unique experiences working on the Sayonara Wild Hearts soundtrack.