Perform a daring bank robbery in the new season of Warface

In a constantly evolving world, war has gone to another level and information has become the most valuable resource. There are many cases in which data breaches sparked government scandals. People are willing to risk jobs, money, and lives for useful knowledge.

They say there is a skeleton in every closet. And we can be sure that Blackwood has a lot of them. The seasonal update “Heist” on Xbox One translates this thinking and gives players the opportunity to participate in a daring bank robbery and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a dynamic action movie with themed content.

Warface: heist

This latest update offers a fast-paced raid, a new Heist-inspired PvP map for “Blitz” mode, a themed battle pass – Season 12, and tons of seasonal content.

In the new raid, you will have to carry out a full-blown bank robbery and destroy data that should not fall into the hands of General Lee Warton. Get the support of a reliable partner, as “Heist” is a mission for two players, who with the help of new cable mechanics will move through the bank building, open three storage facilities with increasing difficulty levels, while simultaneously fighting the police and specials. cash.

Players who enjoyed Warface’s limited-time progression events can look forward to another opportunity to overcome challenges and earn awesome gear. Battle Pass: Season 12 launches alongside Season “Heist,” and it’s packed with another round of exclusive prizes!

Warface: heist

Equip yourself with new weapons specially designed for these types of missions to maximize your shooting skills, choose a suitable outfit and show your skills in combat in the new map for the “Blitz” mode that will take place in locations inspired by the homonymous raid ” Stole”.

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The main battlefield is an elite bank housed in a skyscraper. The rules remain the same: you have to find and defuse a bomb. However, the task is not as easy as it seems: the enemies will do their best to derail the mission and detonate the charge.

The loot will be abundant and the unique distinctions will remind you that you participated in a sensational robbery and fled the police and special forces.

Warface: heist

Are you up to the task? Put your skills to the test in the “Heist” season now available on Warface on Xbox One!

Warface It is available now for Xbox One on the Xbox Store as a free title. Season “Heist” and Battle Pass – Season 12 will be available after your game has been updated to the latest version.

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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a dynamic action movie: perform a full-fledged bank robbery and destroy data that shouldn’t fall into the hands of General Lee Warton in the season of “Heist.” Warface is a contemporary first person shooter game with millions of fans around the world. Five unique classes with special abilities, teamwork, exciting PVE raids and missions, various PVP modes, hundreds of realistic weapons, accessories, gear, and camouflage items. Play for free! PVP. A variety of modes with dozens of maps, from time-tested classics to new experiments, as well as the elaborate ranked match system await your heroes. PVE. Play with your friends in short and exciting PvE missions or challenge yourself in large-scale raids with various levels of difficulty. Teamwork. Five classes with unique abilities. Attack your enemies’ defenses with a heavy machine gun, revive your teammates, mine corridors, shoot down enemies with precise shots, or bomb the enemy’s counterattack – here you decide how to act! Many rewards and trophies. Hundreds of achievements with fun and challenging earning conditions. Can you collect them all?

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