Our verdict on the LEGO Super Mario 64 question mark block

Lego Mario Block Bowser
Image: Nintendo Life

At first glance, the Lego Super Mario 64 question mark block looks pretty quiet; simpleIn fact, especially after the interactive gamification featured in previous Lego Super Mario sets. It’s just a solid Lego block, right?

If that’s what you’re thinking … well, you obviously haven’t been keeping an eye on this set since its announcement. Like the iconic platformer, it’s packed with secrets, nooks and crannies, and so many Easter eggs it’s practically bursting at the seams. As if you were Mario himself jumping to hit the block, secrets await you inside and any fan will want to get their hands on them.

If you’ve seen the set on social media, and let’s be honest, you’ve most likely seen it, you’ll know it’s a love letter to the classic Nintendo 64 title. With a simple movement the lid of the block opens, presenting you with a collection of game levels. From Bob-omb Battlefield to Lethal Lava Land, your childhood self will resonate with at least one of the worlds, even if it’s shaped like a tiny LEGO brick.

The joy doesn’t come simply from the end result, either. LEGO has worked incredibly hard to ensure that the building experience takes you on a journey through these levels, just like the game, with a thick instruction booklet at the helm. Starting with a story of the set and the game, it doesn’t take long before you start building. Having assembled many Lego sets over the years, we can confidently say that this is one of the most joyous builds the company has delivered so far.

Having assembled many Lego sets over the years, we can confidently say that this is one of the most joyous builds the company has delivered so far.

It all starts with the block frame, leading to a false sense of security as you meticulously make sure to follow the advanced instructions. A few blocks here and a few blocks there, and before you know it, you’ve got a solid foundation. It’s not the most exciting start, but Super Mario 64’s set of question marks saves the best for last. For all intents and purposes, the frame is the “Start menu” of the game.

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Once this is settled and you have something solid to work with, things will get interesting. Slowly but surely, you will begin to build each of the four areas that the game represents: Mushroom Kingdom, Lethal Lava Land, Bob-omb Battlefield, and Cool, Cool Mountain. Each zone has a dedicated bag for its construction and slowly assembling the intricate designs gave us some of the most nostalgic moments we’ve had assembling plastic bricks, a hobby that despite that description has a history of sparking. considerable feel for us. While you can easily absorb some of the magic of the whole from the images above and below this page, it’s not until you slowly put things together that something just ‘clicks’. Hey

As you build Princess Peach’s castle, with a mini Yoshi hidden in the ceiling and the famous paintings that Mario himself jumps into, it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into ensuring that the builders feel like they are in the game and on an adventure. . If you own the Lego Mario from the other licensed games, you can even use the digital variant to uncover ten hidden stars, each hinted at in the instruction booklet.

If you own the Lego Mario from the other licensed games, you can even use the digital variant to discover ten hidden stars.

It would be a shame to ruin all the surprises on the set (and social media is full of construction spoilers), but it’s great to see so many hidden details that even The Lego Group has avoided drawing attention. Hitting that ‘AHA!’ The moment you discover an area of ​​a level that you remember fondly is one of the best elements of the set and one that we would not want to take away from anyone who is eager to anticipate construction.

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Unlike many other outfits, like the incredibly expensive Millennium Falcon or the much cheaper Strange things-inspired set: this is also a very “solid” build; it does not feel weak to handle and is presented as a completely premium product. Before its release, some concerns were raised about its durability, especially when it is opened and closed on a regular basis, but in our experience, it holds up well. You could probably even juggle it if you wanted, although we don’t recommend doing so, just in case. What do What he suggests is to leave it in its boxed form for when the guests come, before surprising them with the results when you reveal its contents. It can be tough on him, so don’t worry too much if you have kids and they manage to get their hands on you. Unless they plan on using it as a bowling ball or hitting it like a real-life question mark block, you should be fine.

The bottom line to all of this is that whether you’re a Lego fan or Mario buff, this set is an absolute treat. Sure, the £ 159.99 / $ 169.99 price tag might be dazzling, but having bought and built a lot of Lego over the years, this is one of the best sets to be released in a long time, and one designed by people who truly understand your target audience. With extremely nice construction, a fun-to-play finished product, and a host of secrets for fans to discover, it’s worth every penny and will definitely catch the eye of your friends and family when they come to play.

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