4 cool tricks for Apple CarPlay

These four CarPlay tips will help you personalize and enhance your experience even more.

CarPlay is much more than an interface through which to connect the iPhone in the car, and Apple is working more and more for us to see it that way. The company has plans to enhance CarPlay with air conditioning controls, seat adjustments and much more, making it almost an operating system for your car. However, although CarPlay is known internationally and has millions of users around the globe, there are still many things that you probably did not know about this feature. Today we bring you the 4 coolest tricks for Apple CarPlay.

If your car doesn’t have Apple CarPlay, don’t worry, here are a bunch of tricks to use your iPhone in a car without CarPlay using iOS shortcuts, and it’s wonderful. In case you have, here We leave you these four tricks to get all the juice out of CarPlay of your car.

Tricks to get the most out of Apple CarPlay in your car

  1. Stop notifications in CarPlay
  2. Activate the At the Wheel mode in CarPlay
  3. Personalize your apps in CarPlay
  4. Change the wallpaper of your CarPlay

CarPlay is a very useful system to connect our iPhone to our car. Thanks to this function we can keep getting notifications, calls, GPS support, music and much more from the comfort of the screen of our vehicle. Today we bring you about four tricks so you can learn how to get the most out of CarPlay, and they range from how to install or remove apps to how to customize your experience on this system.

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1. Stop notifications in CarPlay

Turn off annoying notifications in Apple CarPlay

Keeping abreast of notifications has become almost a duty of our day to day, and more so when we are constantly receiving updates about our work area. Nevertheless, getting behind the wheel and seeing new messages constantly arriving can be annoying and, on many occasions, even quite dangerous. For this reason, CarPlay and iOS include a function to avoid distractions.

With CarPlay you can block notifications from specific applications. Notifications will still appear on your iPhone, but they won’t show up on your Apple CarPlay while you’re behind the wheel, so you will avoid a bit of disgust. To stop notifications on your Apple CarPlay, do the following:

  1. Ve a la app Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the section Notifications.
  3. In the list of apps, find WhatsApp, Messages, or any other app you want to mute from CarPlay.
  4. Now, turn off the switch next to the ‘Show in CarPlay’ option.

Once you have deactivated the switch, notifications in CarPlay will no longer be a problem. At least of these specific apps.

2. Activate the Driving mode in CarPlay

If, unlike the previous step, you want something more drastic, Apple CarPlay and iOS 15 allow you to deactivate the annoyances that you may receive during your car trip. These can be from messages to calls, and the best thing is that you can customize if you want to show your contacts when they try to contact you that you are behind the wheel, or enable certain applications to always notify you even if you are driving your car.

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In addition to this, you can select certain contacts who will have permission to call you even if you are driving, or even send an automated message to those who try to contact you.

To activate the mode At the wheel on your iPhone and CarPlay, do the following:

  1. Enter the app Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Go to the section Do not bother.
  3. Once here, tap on the sign ‘More’ (+) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Choose ‘At the wheel‘ of the list.
  5. Choose the people allowed to send you notifications while this focus mode is activated. You can also select ‘Anyone‘ if you want to block all calls and messages.
  6. Now, you can choose how to activate the At the Wheel mode. Your iPhone can automatically detect when you’re driving to activate this mode, or you can do it manually if you want.

You will now have your At the wheel mode configured and you will be able to drive safely through the streets of your city. Let’s remember that there are already enough distractions on the road to keep adding more to the list, so it’s a really useful option.

3. Customize your CarPlay apps

Apps CarPlay

Add or remove apps from your Apple CarPlay

CarPlay has a lot of useful apps that you can install using your iPhone. Nevertheless, It is configured by default to show you the Calendar, Map, WhatsApp and other quite basic apps. If what you want is to learn how to add or remove new apps to your Apple CarPlay, the solution is quite simple.

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If you want to add and remove CarPlay apps, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. open the app Settings.
  2. Look for the option CarPlay within the General section.
  3. Tap on the Customize button that will appear within this screen.
  4. Here you can modify the positioning of the apps, and you can also add or remove the ones you want from the list.

4. Change your CarPlay wallpaper

Although this trick is quite basic, there are many people who do not yet know that you can change the wallpaper which shows Apple CarPlay by default. If you want to learn how to do it, the answer is very simple.

  1. Go to your car and open CarPlay.
  2. Here, go to the menu Settings.
  3. Tap on Appearance, and then on Wallpaper.
  4. Now you can choose the one you like the most from the proposed list.

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