Final Fantasy XIV: New feature clearly demonstrates how perverted some players are

Final Fantasy XIV: New feature clearly demonstrates how perverted some players are

With the 6.1 update of Final Fantasy XIV came the new feature of adventure passes, a kind of business cards for the player characters. However, it quickly turned out that some players use it for content that is not entirely suitable for minors.

What are adventure passes? These are special “character profiles” that players have been able to create in FFXIV since patch 6.1. They are reminiscent of business cards that can be customized in many different ways.

Players can:

  • choose the background colors and patterns of their passports,
  • choose and set different frames,
  • adjust personal information such as main job, activities, online time, etc.,
  • shoot your own profile photo and more

Unless set to private, you can view other players’ Adventure Passes by examining them. In addition, the passes of the participants in the new PvP mode Crystalline Conflict will be displayed before the match to introduce the teams.

Danger: Some links further down in the article contain explicit graphical representations.

“This pass will cause emergency maintenance”

Some players do: After the launch of the new features, the first screenshots of the player creations quickly appeared on reddit and social media. While most players tend to present their characters as cool, cute, or funny, others have indulged in some pretty dirty jokes.

In PvP matches, passport photos suddenly appeared in which the characters stretch out their almost bare buttocks, look like they are having sex thanks to specific angles, or look like “dick pics”, i.e. pictures of penises.

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Pictures like the one in the middle belong to the rather harmless category.

This type of passport quickly became a meme and found a large number of imitators who similarly redesigned their own images. For a few days, screenshots of such passports continued to appear on reddit as the community searched for the “worst” image.

In fact, the absolute top post shows (Attention, explicit representation) in the FFXIV subreddit with over 13,000 upvotes currently a non-adult adventure pass. Users in the thread joked that this photo will cause an emergency maintenance so that such image adjustments are no longer possible in the future.

It’s a situation that the dev team arguably didn’t quite anticipate. The portraits have their own rules of use, in which they ask that no content be created that “could be perceived as unpleasant or offensive”.

A more precise definition of such content and the consequences of violating the rules are not included in the description. However, it is likely that these rules will be adjusted further in the future, since FFXIV is actually a USK-12 game.

“I want her in all kinds of content.”

How the passports arrive: In terms of genre, the atmosphere around the adventure passes is very positive. In a reddit threadwhich received over 3,000 upvotes, user Peregrine2976 advocated using them in all types of group content.

When players enter a dungeon or raid, for example, their passes should be shown on the screen similar to PvP.

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The streamer and YouTuber Preach, who has spent a lot of time in FFXIV over the past few months, was surprised and enthusiastic about the small feature. In his Top 5 video about the new features of patch 6.1 he says:

The number one that shook me to the core […] are the adventure passes. I’m amazed that I find this fun at all and enjoy looking at other passports. […] This is so good because people in FFXIV are so creative with it. All passports are different. People are either serious or funny, or something in between, but they do it to suit their character. […]

Basically, the feature is still in the beta phase. FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida announced that the team is planning more customization options in the future.

The devs have not yet publicly commented on the passport photos, which are not entirely suitable for minors. You currently have both hands full with the broken housing lottery, which annoys many players:

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