Saints Row has the craziest character editor I’ve ever seen

The character editor in Saints Row lets you create very wacky characters.

The character editor in Saints Row lets you create very wacky characters.

Unusual options are simply part of the Saints Row range. This is no different in the soft reboot, which no longer shoots you into space or gives you a dildo as a weapon, but still presents you with plenty of opportunities to live it out. Of course, this also includes the looks that Saints Row has now presented in detail in a new showcase.

Saints Row gives you tons of customization options

Personalization begins with character creation. You can choose from eight different presets and voices and either jump straight into the game or customize your character, dubbed “Boss”, however you like. There are tons of possibilities:

  • Gender and body type: You can freely set the gender and body type of your bosses and set things like weight or athleticism. Different parts of the body can be worked on individually, right down to the size of the genitals.
  • Asymmetrical Faces: Based on the presets, you can personalize the face and hair of your bosses and choose different hair colors or makeup. For the first time it is also possible to build asymmetrical faces and thus edit the height and size of the eyes independently of one another.
  • Threads: When choosing clothes, you can put together your clothes individually and regardless of gender. In addition to shirts, trousers, wingsuits and the like, you can also customize details such as the color of the socks. And of course there are also lots of fancy hats and masks if you want to run around with a crocodile head or a magician’s hat.
  • Accessories: The different choices allow for a wide range of styles, whether you want to look like a tattooed, golden-skinned cyberpunk character, a vampire, or a certain green ogre named Shrek.
  • prostheses: You can also give your boss various prostheses for arms and legs, for example. In addition to realistic looks, there are also wacky designs for everyone who wants lava hands, for example.
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Here you can take a look at all the customization options presented in the showcase:

Customization in Saints Row: New trailer introduces you to countless possibilities


Customization in Saints Row: New trailer introduces you to countless possibilities

Customizations for vehicle, weapons and headquarters

Aside from character customization, there are of course plenty of other ways to customize the game to your liking. There are not only cosmetic changes, but also upgrades that offer you new gameplay options:

  • Vehicles: There are a total of over 80 vehicles in Saints Row that you can customize in the workshop. In addition to new colors, you can also exchange individual parts here that pimp tires and engine sounds or add lighting, for example. You can also use an upgrade to improve the performance of your wheels and install gimmicks like an ejection seat.
  • Weapons: The weapons can also be adjusted in terms of color or material. If you want, you can even change the complete shape and turn a bazooka into a guitar case or a submachine gun into an umbrella.
  • Headquarters: The church becomes the headquarters of the new Saints. What is still a ruin at the beginning can be pimped up properly in the game. From statues to a pimped car repair shop to your own dance floor.

Your car can also look like a pirate ship.

Your car can also look like a pirate ship.

Build your bosses before release

The showcase has not yet revealed which of the customization options are already available at the beginning and which we have to unlock first.

However, the developers have let it be known that we should be given the opportunity to build our own bosses before the game is released. But we also have to wait and see whether we can test this using a mobile app or something else, and whether we can then transfer our creations directly into the game.

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Editorial opinion

Elen Reinke

Unusual customization options are simply part of Saints Row. Although some of the options are almost too crazy for me, together with the emotes they give me Fortnite vibes, but at the same time they are only options. Ultimately, I should be able to build the game the way I want it. And that could be pretty fun, I’ve already got my eye on the ejection seat.

And the amount of included options is great too, from prosthetics to clothes and styles that aren’t affected by my character’s gender.

Want to know more about the new Saints Row? We have summarized all important information about the reboot of the Saints Row series in our preview.

Which of the wacky customization options did you like the most?