The God of War maker’s secret game is said to be a mix of Hellblade and Prey

Qo vadis, Cory Barlog?  The God of War director is probably working on a completely new brand.

Qo vadis, Cory Barlog? The God of War director is probably working on a completely new brand.

Among other things, Cory Barlog is responsible for the massive success of God of War. After the 2018 soft reboot, however, he is not working as a game director on the sequel God of War 2: Ragnarok. Instead, he is probably dedicating himself to another, still secret project. However, thanks to an insider leak, we may already know a little more about the game, which is said to be codenamed Envelope.

Cory Barlog’s new game ‘Envelope’ is supposed to be SciFi

New sci-fi game Envelope? Apparently, Cory Barlog is working on a new action game, which is also to become a new IP (intellectual property), i.e. a new brand. According to insider account Oops Leaks, the title of the game is Envelope. Of course, the name Envelope can still change, so far it should only be the code name. It is apparently a science fiction title with a psychological impact.

First information about the plot maybe there already is. So we get a protagonist who wakes up from a cold sleep and struggles with mental health problems in the game. If the information is correct and the person behind the leak account understood the whole thing correctly, we could expect a kind of mixture of Hellblade and Prey.

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This all sounds very promising and a bit like what Housemarque delivered with Returnal:

Returnals Selene isn't a stone cold action heroine, she's traumatized


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Returnals Selene isn’t a stone cold action heroine, she’s traumatized

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Don’t rejoice too soon: You should exercise caution and enjoy this leak with a lot of skepticism. So far, these are just unconfirmed rumors that cannot be verified. Until there is an official announcement or something similar, we have to be patient and interpret the whole thing as speculation.

What do you think of the rumour? Would you look forward to it if that were true?