Xbox Game Pass gets Turnip Boy, Bugsnax and a new free trial

Xbox Game Pass gets Turnip Boy, Bugsnax and a new free trial

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is now available to play via Xbox Game Pass. That’s reason enough to write this post, though I suppose I’ll also mention that OG zombie survival sim 7 Days To Die, chomp ’em up Bugsnax and zippy action-RPG Unsouled are all coming later this month. Plus, there’s a new three month free trial available if you’ve bought certain recent Microsoft games.

Let’s start with the free trial. New members can get three months of PC Game Pass for free if they bought Age Of Empires IV, Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 before February 28th. Having played Halo Infinite’s multiplayer counts. If it’s of interest, you can head here to sign in to your account and activate the trial.

There are only a handful of extra games on the way to the service before the end of April, but they’re good ones. 7 Days To Die, available April 26th, is old and rough in its presentation, but it’s a satsifying open world zombie smasher about boarding up buildings and holding out against the hordes. Bugsnax, available April 28th, is at the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum, brimming with color and about finding fruit and vegetable critters and feeding them to your friends. It’s previously been Epic exclusive although it come to Steam on the same day.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, available right now, would be my pick of the bunch. It’s an extremely chill and colorful todo list game, in which a smiling, silent turnip armed with a Zelda sword swing is piled up with straightforward quests and merrily checks them off one by one. Accomplishing X will reveal Y and Z that must be completed first, and a Z(i) and Z(ii) beyond that, and before you know it several hours have passed. Alice B also called it the funniest game she’s ever played.

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All these games are April’s back-half batch, with those having arrived earlier in April including Chiatown Detective Agency and Lost In Random. You can read about the other odds and sods on the way in Microsoft’s full post.